Baskin-Robbins partners with Carla Hall on a holiday ice cream


Baskin-Robbins is ready for the holidays. Partnering with celebrity chef Carla Hall, this month’s special flavor has everyone feeling the holiday spirit.

Forget pie, Baskin-Robbins will be scooping up holiday favorites this season. To kick off the season, the ice cream shop brand partnered with celebrity chef Carla Hall on a special flavor. The November flavor of the month is Bourbon Street Pecan Pie. This flavor could replace pie on that holiday table.

The Bourbon Street Pecan Pie flavor “features bourbon butter pecan-flavored ice cream with roasted pecans, pie crust pieces and a bourbon caramel-flavored swirl.” This flavor is filled with comforting tastes. It is like taking the best parts of pie and ice cream and putting it into a single bite.

The partnership with Hall is quite interesting. She has been a fan favorite going back to Top Chef. After The Chew ended, she appears on Food Network shows, like the new Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge. It is nice to see the ice cream brand bringing her southern, comfort style food to everyone this holiday season.

Baskin-Robbins holiday turkey, photo provided by Baskin- Robbins

Of course, the new flavor and partnership isn’t the only reason to visit Baskin-Robbins this holiday season. The infamous Turkey Cake is bake. With this turkey, everyone will be fighting over the sugar cone legs. The cake is fully customizable, too. If you want traditional chocolate or a seasonal offering, like the Bourbon Street Pecan Pie, you can make it happen.

Since the holidays are always about the little extra indulgence, local ice cream shops will be giving fans what they really want this holiday season, free ice cream. On November 26 from 3 till 7 p.m., guests can get a free sample of the Red Velvet Roll Cake. This delicious treat combines the rich cocoa flavors of the red velvet cake with cream cheese ice cream.

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There are so many reasons to visit Baskin-Robbins this holiday season. Which holiday flavor treat will be enjoying this holiday season?