America’s favorite Thanksgiving leftovers may not be your favorite


What are America’s favorite Thanksgiving leftovers? That Thanksgiving side dish might be one of the most controversial items on the Thanksgiving table.

America’s favorite Thanksgiving leftovers could cause a heated debate in any household. While Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, Thanksgiving food can be quite divisive. From stuffing or dressing to dark or white meat, the family table can turn into a combative zone. Even with the controversies, the America is clear on their love of one particular Thanksgiving leftover.

Did you know that it takes the average family 2.7 days to eat their Thanksgiving leftovers? It seems like a long time. Over Thanksgiving, it is generally acceptable to over cook (and maybe over eat) on the food centric holiday.

In a recent survey by The Honey Baked Ham Company, they asked people what’s their favorite leftover side dish. All but two states voted for one side dish, stuffing. That’s right stuffing is the clear favorite choice.

Favorite Thanksgiving leftovers, photo provided by Honey Baked Ham Company

Truthfully, this finding is quite curious. Stuffing can be a very controversial side dish. Some people perfect a wetter dressing. Some people enjoy a crunchy element in the stuffing. Don’t even go into the debate about putting stuffing inside the turkey. Still, people seem to be obsessed with this yummy side dish.

Maybe people love stuffing because it isn’t something that they eat often. Green beans and potatoes are common sides with other meals. Stuffing is really an iconic Thanksgiving dish.

Two states didn’t agree with stuffing as their favorite side dish. Washington and Colorado prefer mashed potatoes. It isn’t clear the reasoning why these two states perfect the spuds. Maybe these states are cutting back on bread.

While the study is entertaining, it does show how important side dishes are to the Thanksgiving feast. Sometimes people are more excited about the side dishes than the turkey itself. This holiday, it might be a good idea to make sure that your side dishes are very tasty.

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers? Do you agree with America or do you prefer something completely different? Or, do you even have leftovers?