Corona ditches the plastic rings and focuses on eco-friendly packaging


Corona is committed to finding better, eco-friendly packaging. The just announced program looks to ditch those plastic rings on your favorite six pack.

Corona often is pictured on white sandy beaches. Even if the beer drinker doesn’t always sip this beverage in such a picturesque scene, the beach and itself lifestyle is part of the brand’s persona.
Given that connection, looking for ways to protect that beautiful, natural resource is important. The recent announcement that Corona will be ditching plastic rings for eco-friendly packaging is good for the planet and the consumer.

Six pack rings can be quite detrimental to the environment. From wildlife being afflicted by these plastic rings to the impact plastic has on the world’s oceans, both use reduction and alternative packaging need to work in tandem to have effective change.

In partnership with Parley for the Oceans, this new eco-friendly packaging adheres to the ideal a redesign solution in addition to avoid and intercept strategies. While this new packaging will debut in Tulum, Mexico next year, many people can hope that a broader roll out will happen in the near future.

Corona eco-friendly packaging, photo provided by Corona

This particular eco-friendly packaging is made from “plant-based biodegradable fibers, with a mix of by-product waste and compostable materials.” Unlike plastic, this material is designed to break down into organic material and shouldn’t be harmful to wildlife.

This idea has been used by another beer company. Saltwater Brewery, from Delray Beach, Florida, uses edible beer rings. Their beer rings are made from barley and wheat ribbons that have been discarded in the brewing process. While humans may not want to consume these beer rings, animals can safety eat this material.

Saltwater Brewery was founded by people who love the sea. Their connection to the water made this large commitment and investment important. For a small brewery to take on this initiative was telling. If the small guys can choose to do better, why haven’t more large scale breweries?

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It is commendable that Corona and Saltwater Brewery have ditched the plastic rings for a more environmentally friendly alternative. But, this change should be just the start. Which other breweries are willing to adopt a change for the better?