Jammin’ Jalapeno wings are back at Buffalo Wild Wings and fans rejoice


Did you miss Jammin’ Jalapeno wings at Buffalo Wild Wings? The restaurant heard fans and has brought back the favorite sauce to its menu.

Jammin’ Jalapeno wings were a fan favorite. When Buffalo Wild Wings took the favorite flavor off the restaurant’s menu three years ago, wing fans were saddened. Over the years, fans remained vocal about their love of the special sauce. From social media outcries to even a Change.org petition, wing fans were clear. They wanted the sauce to return.

Buffalo Wild Wings has announced the return of the wildly popular Jammin’ Jalapeno wings to its menu. The flavor will be available both on wings and the sauce will be sold in bottles as well. While fans are excited, the sauce is available for just a limited run. With it disappearing again on February 17.

For those who are unfamiliar with the favorite sauce, the flavor subtlety balances heat. A slightly sweet flavor from the underlying tequila and a touch of brightness from the lime, this flavor appeals even to the heat adverse crowd. It offers bold flavors without totally overwhelming your taste buds.

This sauce had such broad appeal because it featured sweet heat. The touch of sweetness makes it a perfect pairing with an ice cold beverage, basket of fries or even a few cheese curds. Also, the sweetness can make you want to eat more and more. Before you know it, that basket might be devoured.

While the flavor is a huge draw, the fact that Buffalo Wild Wings listened and reacted to its fans is important. Loyal fans are imperative to a brand staying relevant. Without a loyal following, a brand cannot survive.

It is quite curious that such a popular flavor doesn’t have a permanent place on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu. While the menu does offer a myriad of flavor combinations, the fans passion about this sauce does warrant more than just a limited time offer. Maybe if the fans remain vocal, the limited time offer could become permanent.

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Are you a Jammin’ Jalapeno wings fan? How many bottle of sauce will you horde away during this limited time offer?