Make the winning spoon bread recipe from Top Chef and Maker’s Mark


The winning spoon bread recipe from Top Chef Season 16 impressed the judges. Now, you can make that delicious Kentucky recipe at home.

Last week’s Top Chef episode headed to the Maker’s Mark distillery. The chefs created their interpretations of famous Kentucky recipes. From burgoo to Benedictine, the chefs made a variety of classic dishes. The winning dish was Nini’s spoon bread. Now, you can try this spoon bread recipe at home.

Spoon bread really isn’t a bread at all. In reality, it is more like a savory pudding. While some people might refer to this dish as something like Yorkshire pudding, the recipes can vary. Some recipes are light and airy, similar to a soufflé. Others are more rich and robust.

In Top Chef Season 16 episode 2, the Nini Nguyen’s winning dish blended the classic Kentucky dish with a Louisiana favorite étouffée. The spoon bread was topped with this flavorful gravy. While not a typical way to serve this dish, the combination made a huge impression on the judges.

Maker’s Mark recipes from Top Chef, photo provided by Maker’s Mark

Since this episode featured the Maker’s Mark Distillery, the recipes did feature Maker’s Mark, including the winning spoon bread recipe. While bourbon may not be as popular as wine in recipes, it does a wonderful job at deglazing a pan. In this particular recipe, the Maker’s Mark is used in the étouffée sauce.

Currently, Nini’s winning dish is available Maker’s Mark Distillery restaurant, Star Hill Provisions. Although I would highly recommend foodies take a trip to the distillery, Maker’s Mark has provided the winning Top Chef spoon bread recipe. The complete recipe can be found on the brand’s website.

Looking at this particular recipe, the dish is more soufflé like with the addition of whipped egg whites. The airiness of the egg whites adds a luscious texture to the dish. With the rich, étouffée style sauce/gravy, this dish could be an entire meal, itself.

For Top Chef fans, several of the dishes from Top Chef Season 16 episode 2 are on the Maker’s Mark Star Provisions menu. Also, other Kentucky favorites, like Hot Brown, are featured as well. Of course, the world-famous bourbon is a primary focus.

To celebrate this Top Chef and Maker’s Mark partnership, Maker’s Mark has launched a limited edition bottle of Maker’s Mark Private Select. Available at the distillery and select Kentucky retailers, this special release was created in partnership with the cast. It retails for $79.99.

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What should you serve during your next

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watching party? How about trying this spoon bread recipe. Don’t forget to pour yourself a three fingers of Maker’s Mark to enjoy with it.