Kraft prevents kid meltdowns with free Kraft Grilled Cheese delivery

Could Kraft grilled cheese prevent a massive kid meltdown? The favorite cheese brand is going to put that theory to the test.

Kids love Kraft grilled cheese. There is something so satisfying about that warm, gooey cheese sandwiched between two crisp, buttery pieces of bread. While the kids might love the simple, yet satisfying sandwich, parents can enjoy that simple pleasure, too.

Sometimes kids can have moments that can test any parent’s patience. What might start as a simple whine can turn into full, uncontrollable meltdown. From crying to full, on the floor drama filled moment, only a few solutions can stop the bedlam. Kraft is ready to be that tantrum lifeline for parents.

For one day only, December 20, from 12 p.m. till 6 p.m., people in New York City’s Time Square can phone in a tantrum lifeline to Kraft. Kraft will be delivering free grilled cheese sandwiches. By texting CHZ to 797979 with their name, location and number of grilled cheese sandwiches needed, Kraft will deliver them on the spot.

This free Kraft grilled cheese delivery comes with no catch. It is holiday gesture, a token of good will or just a hunger buster for visitors in Time Square. While this special promotion targets families, I doubt that Kraft will really question if everyone is related. I wouldn’t suggest that you try to order 50 sandwiches for your friends. Still, if your girlfriend is having a moment, I’m sure that she could get a grilled cheese, too.

While this promotion provides a little levity, there is a valid point behind the humor. Hungry kids, especially when traveling, can be a nightmare for families. Sometimes it pays to have a quick snack in your purse or travel bag.

An option, like Kraft cheese, can be the hunger buster and tantrum preventer. The combination of carbs and protein is satisfying. It could give the kids another couple of hours to avoid the dreaded, “are we done yet” comment.

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If you are lucky enough to be in Times Square on December 20 text Kraft for your free grilled cheese. The tantrum that you prevent could be the gesture of goodwill that can get everyone through this hectic holiday season.

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