7-Eleven cold pressed juice flavors make healthy eating convenient


Cold pressed juice flavors are coming to 7-Eleven. Now the trendy, celebrity favorite way to boost healthy eating is both convenient and affordable.

Cold pressed juice flavors have been becoming more and more popular. While the pricey, trendy juice shops are popular with celebrities, those juices can empty your wallet quickly. Even the health eating proponents can find those pricey drinks a little difficult to swallow. 7-Eleven has the perfect solution with its 7- Select Organic Cold-Pressed Juice.

For the New Year, 7-Eleven is adding three new flavors to its cold pressed juice flavors. The new flavors are: 100% Pomegranate, 100% Melon and 100% Blackberry. These three new flavors join the previously released flavors of Berry & Bright, Tropical Glow, Restoration Red and Clean & Green.

Cold pressed juices have more health benefits because there is no heat used in the extraction process. Heat in the pasteurization can reduce the nutrients in juice. The cold press juicing process extracts more liquid from the fruits and vegetables.

The 7-Eleven juices are sourced from a single, organic juice. The single fruit choices focus on both trending fruits and two fruits that aren’t commonly found in a single fruit juice variety.

The three new flavors offer a nice balance to the existing juice line-up. Pomegranate is considered as a superfood. It continues to top the annual food trends list. As a source of antioxidants, many people enjoy the sweet yet tart taste.

It is curious that melon, specifically honeydew melon, is one of the flavors. This fruit often appears in a classic fruit salad or at the breakfast table. It is nice to see 7-Eleven to include a classic fruit in the mix.

The 7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Juice are available for $2.99 a bottle or 2 for $5.00. The cost is quite less expensive than a specialty juice bar.

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Are you committed to drinking more fruits? Could the 7-Select Organic Cold Pressed Juice be part of your new routine?