PEEPS coffee creamer is coming, just don’t let it hop away


PEEPS coffee creamer is coming soon. International Delight coffee creamer is bringing the iconic PEEPS to your coffee mug.

PEEPS coffee creamer isn’t a figment of your imagination. The iconic, yet sometimes divisive, marshmallow candy, PEEPS, is coming to your morning cup of coffee. Are you ready for this sweetness in your cup?

According to reports and as seen on the International Delight website, PEEPS coffee creamer is coming. It is an official PEEPS collaboration. From the looks of the bottle, this coffee creamer will be a big punch of marshmallow flavor.

While the bottle might be enticing, one aspect of this coffee creamer is quite unusual, the color. According to International Delight, the coffee creamer is yellow. Of course, the most iconic PEEPS is yellow. Still, it will be curious how yellow the color will be.

This offering will be a limited release. Apparently, once the Easter bunny delivers all his sugary gifts, the PEEPS coffee creamer will disappear. Will fans demand a year-round version of this coffee creamer?

PEEPS aren’t just an Easter season treat. Over the years, the candy has expanded beyond that cute yellow chick. Today, there are numerous seasonal options. Still, all the options have the classic marshmallow coated with sugar.

Given the release of this flavored coffee creamer, it will be interesting to see if other candy offerings could be on the horizon. PEEPS is part of the Just Born Company. That brand makes Mike and Ike as well as Hot Tamales. Could one of these flavors be next on the new coffee creamer list?

Over the past several months, all types of iconic candies are coming to the coffee creamer aisle. Whether it is SNICKERS or the various Starbucks Frappuccinos, plain, black coffee is becoming blasé. Maybe people feel less guilty about a sugary cup of coffee than eating a huge candy bar.

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