Pizza Hut beer delivery expands as fans prepare for Super Bowl LIII


Pizza Hut beer delivery is expanding to even more locations across the U.S. Could everything that you need for a Super Bowl party be delivered?

Pizza Hut beer delivery is becoming a reality for many more people. The Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL is looking to make the busiest ordering days even more popular. With this new expansion, almost 300 restaurants in seven states will have this pizza and beer delivery option. That Super Bowl party might be even easier than you think.

According to Pizza Hut, “86% of Americans plan to serve both pizza and beer at their upcoming Super Bowl party this year.” That number is staggering. While people can debate on the best pizza toppings or the better beer and pizza pairing, the consensus is clear. Pizza and beer are a winning combination for football watching.

Pizza Hut’s pizza and beer delivery program started in December 2017. This newest expansion brings bigger cities, like Orlando, Florida, into the mix. While there are minimum delivery requirements, the delivery option shows that consumers want more convenience, especially during big football watching times.

Throughout the season, Pizza Hut has leveraged its position as the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL. From entertaining commercials to charitable endeavors, the brand has found innovative ways to make the partnership beneficial for the fans and itself.

Going into the Super Bowl, this expansion could be the first of several promotions. While certain specific teams have specifically partnered with Pizza Hut, the brand could use the Super Bowl for some entertaining pizza offers.

Could there be a battle for pizza supremacy be in the cards? For example, a fun promotion between the two final teams/cities in the Super Bowl could be entertaining. Could the most ordered pizza determine the Super Bowl champion?

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For now, some football fans will be cheering for the Pizza Hut beer delivery expansion. If you are in one of these areas, will you be ordering from Pizza Hut for the Super Bowl?