Pizza Hut is the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL: Will there be team themed pizzas?


Pizza Hut was just announced as the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL. Could team themed pizza be coming?

While the NFL has many food partnerships, the recent announcement that Pizza Hut is the Official Pizza Sponsor for the NFL could have some intriguing implications on football watching. Pizza is often a popular choice for at home football watching parties. Grabbing a slice with a cold beverage is an easy and convenient way to enjoy an afternoon of football watching. But, could this new food partnership be good for fans?


In the recent press release, it states that “the Pizza Hut partnership with the NFL includes collective use of all 32 team marks. It also involves the NFL working closely with Pizza Hut to facilitate local, exclusive team partnerships.” So does that mean team themed pizzas could be coming this football season?

The NFL has several partnerships with other food companies. Tostitos had NFL team branded bags last year. Bud Light has leveraged NFL teams on its packaging. Sometimes fans are looking to have their favorite team’s logo on the food that is served. From the chip bag to the beer, the team branded food adds to the fan experience.

Could the Pizza Hut partnership bring more than just team branded logos? Could specialty pizzas be on the horizon? Looking at previous seasons and past ordering data, certain fans prefer particular types of pizza. Not everyone wants supreme or plain cheese.

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Pizza Hut could leverage team pizzas into a whole marketing campaign. From specialty pizzas based on a team to a particular player’s favorite pizza as a special, the options are many. Since many fans would want to have a special pizza on game day, these types of promotions could be big business for Pizza Hut.

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  • The biggest downside to some team or player specific specialty pizzas would be the non-local fans being left out. Sometimes these types of promotions would be local to the team’s city. What about the Packers fans in Florida? Could they order the Aaron Rodgers special? Since Pizza Hut is a national brand, it could be a possibility. Still, each local store or franchise would have to have all the ingredients on hand, which could be problematic.

    Most likely, this partnership will have more savings aspects and promotions. Fans will probably see additional Pizza Hut game day discounts and savings. Also, the likelihood of giveaways seems probably. Hopefully, more actual pizza, like pizza flavors, eventually become part of the partnership.

    Would you order a special Pizza Hut NFL branded team pizza? What do you think that your favorite team would have as a pizza topping?