Lucky snacking? Can Tostitos Lucky Bags bring NFL teams a successful season?


Lucky shirts, favorite socks and now lucky snacks can bring your favorite NFL a big victory. With Tostitos Lucky Bags, this NFL season is all about lucky snacking.

Every NFL has a tradition or ritual. From the Lambeau Leap to the Terrible Towel, fans and foes know each NFL team’s traditions and rituals. The official chip and dip of the NFL, Tostitos is giving fans another way to cheer their favorite team to victory, the Lucky Bags.

The Tostitos Lucky Bags feature all the NFL teams. With the team’s logo and colors, each bag is ready for that celebratory chip bite. According to Frito Lay, these NFL bags will be available for only a limited time. The goal behind these luck filled bags is to provide fans with a fun and unique experience for the upcoming NFL season.

Green Bay Packers Tostitos Lucky Bags(PRNewsfoto/Frito-Lay North America)

NFL games are about celebrating victories with other friends and fans. While the occasional loss can dampen the mood, the weekly NFL game is about the camaraderie. A favorite team can create a bond between the most unlikely people. The fandom brings people together.

Having specific NFL team bags is a great idea for tailgating and weekly parties. What’s more fun than serving dueling dips featuring the opposing teams. From classic rivalries like Packers/Bears to Cowboys/Redskins, everyone can get snacking with their favorite teams.

The only downside to these special NFL bags will be availability. It is unclear if the lucky snacking bags will only be sold in the specific NFL markets. Since I don’t live in my favorite team’s market, I doubt that I will be able to find a Packers bag in my local Publix. Hopefully Amazon will stock the whole NFL line for out of state fans.

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Are you ready for some football lucky snacking? Get searching for the Tostitos Lucky Bags and cheer your favorite team to victory. But, stock up fast so that you keep the lucky streak all season long.