Bottoms up: 5 Florida beers at Universal Florida to try


After Harry Potter and Minions, many guests seek a cold beverage to decompress. These 5 Florida beers at Universal Florida are delightfully refreshing.

From family vacations to locals’ day trips, Universal Florida is a fun filled day. But, all that entertainment deserves a good beverage. Luckily Universal Florida has many great beer selections. The five Florida beers are perfect choices for a long day at Universal Florida.

Florida beers at Universal Florida, photo by Cristine Struble

Duff Beer

Homer Simpson only drinks one beer. It’s Duff Beer. Even if you have no clue who is Duff Man, Duff Beer is a must drink at Universal Studios Florida. Available in Duff Lager and Duff Light, the beer has a Florida connection. That perfect draft beer is a creation from Florida Beer Company.

Both versions of Duff Beer are available at Moe’s Tavern and Duff Tavern. The Duff Lager is a heavier beer. For Florida Beer Company fans, think more like the sunset ale type beer. The Duff Light is a more traditional light lager. I would recommend trying both beers. Grab the kids a Flaming Moe (non-alcoholic drink) and take a break from walking and standing.

Flaming Moe, Universal Studios, photo by Cristine Struble

Dragon Scale

Anyone who has journeyed into Diagon Alley knows that only Harry Potter inspired drinks and food are available. While the kids grab the frozen Butter Beer, the older fans aren’t left with a beverage. No fear beer drinkers, Harry and his friends have an authentic Harry Potter inspired beer for you.

While Harry didn’t brew up this special draught, Florida Beer Company stepped up to create these Harry Potter inspired creations. While there are two options, Wizard’s Brew and Dragon Scale, I would recommend Dragon Scale. The Dragon Scale, is a slightly hoppy, red style ale. The beer has strong malt flavors. It is a full bodied beer that any craft beer fan will enjoy.

Butter Beer, Universal Florida, photo by Cristine Struble

Wizard’s Brew

For many Englishmen, a dark, robust stout is a favorite style of beer. The Wizard’s Brew is that slightly sweet, heavier stout available in Diagon Alley. This style of beer works well with many of the food choices in Diagon Alley. Because the beer is slightly heavier, I wouldn’t want to drink too many in the heat. Still, an end of the day break is a perfect time to raise a glass of Wizard’s Brew.

Miami Weiss, M.I.A. Beer Company, photo by Cristine Struble

Miami Weiss

With a Miami Vice inspired can, the Miami Weiss by M.I.A. Beer Company is a delightful beer for warmer weather. Considered the brewery’s flagship beer, the beer is a classic German hefeweizen. The beer is fruit forward with strong citrus notes.

The Miami Weiss beer is available at a special craft beer cart in Universal Studios. While it could be overlooked, this craft beer cart is a must stop for beer fans. Located close to the Mummy’s Revenge, it is across the street. The cart is usually right before you see Jaws on the right hand side.

Jai Alai

An extremely popular Florida brewery is Cigar City Brewing from Tampa. One of its most popular beers is Jai Alai, an IPA. Now, if you’re not from Florida and don’t know how to pronounce Jai Alai, just point at the beer can. The can is green with yellow and orange lettering.

The Jai Alai IPA has bold hoppy flavor. It is a strong IPA. While the orange and tangerine balance the hops, it doesn’t back down from the six hops in its brew. Jai Alai is an American style IPA and is popular with many craft beer drinkers. Personally, I like having one, maybe two, of these beers over an afternoon. This beer is best savored, not slammed.

These five beers are just a few of the many beer options at Universal Orlando. Even the craft beer cart, mentioned above, has a few more Florida craft beer options. While no one should drink his way through a theme park, these beers can be an enjoyable refreshment during a visit.

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Take a break from the beers that you can get back at home. Try one of these five Florida beers at Universal Florida and enjoy the experience.