Winning the food game: Football rivalries extend to favorite pizza toppings


Pizza and football are a classic combination. But is one team winning the food game? Football rivalries extend to the favorite pizza toppings.

Every week, two NFL teams of gridiron greats take the field. Fans cheer every score, cringe with every interception and rejoice in the ultimate victory. But, is there another game at playing during each NFL game? The food game is the week’s tasty competition. Favorite pizza toppings extend the football rivalries.

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One of the classic football watching foods is pizza. But, not everyone agrees on pizza toping. Favorite pizza toppings can be as divisive as football rivalries. From the most popular pepperoni to plain, extra cheese, favorite pizza toppings do have a fan loyalty trend.

Recently, Slice, an independent pizzeria ordering app, compiled some interesting data on game day pizza orders. While pepperoni may be the hands down favorite, pepperoni isn’t a top choice for football fans. Also, some teams’ most popular pizza toppings order are unlikely choices for their favorite team. Although no anchovies made the list, a few of the most popular pizza choices may make you wonder.

Green Bay: Mushrooms

Who would have thought that the Cheeseheads most popular pizza topping would be mushrooms? The obvious choice would have been extra cheese, followed by a sausage. But, the Green Bay fans prefer some fungi on their pizza. Maybe it’s the woody, earthy flavor from the mushroom that is appealing.

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Chicago: Sausage

Bear down Bears fans with a big, deep dish pizza loaded with sausage. This pizza topping choice seems logical. Many classic Chicago style, deep dish pizzas are loaded with sausage. The Windy City can be brutal, both for football fans and those not ready for that brisk wind. A slice piled high with sausage can be the hearty bite Bears fans need.

Miami: Extra Cheese

With the warm breezes and the sandy beaches close by, Miami’s favorite pizza toppings might have been something lighter or even more exotic. But, the classic, plain cheese is the Dolphins fans’ top choice. Although the data doesn’t specific the type of cheese, a blend of cheeses can add some added depth and flavor to the pizza. Maybe those Miami fans think football Sunday is cheat day and that’s why veggies aren’t on the pizza.

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Baltimore: Onions

Watch your breath Baltimore fans, onions is your favorite pizza topping. Truthfully, many people avoid onions on a pizza. Maybe it’s the bad breath factor or it could be that onions are full of sugar. Still, a pizza of just onions can be quite overpowering. Not sure what those Baltimore Ravens fans were thinking when ordering pizza. But, everyone should enjoy what he likes.

Seattle: Black Olives

Seattle is a foodie city. It makes sense that Seattle fans don’t choose the typical pizza toppings. Black olives on a pizza add a brininess to the flavor. The saltiness is perfect with a craft beer. This combination keeps fans eating and eating through every quarter and every score.

New England: Mushrooms

Love them or hate them, New England Patriots fans are loyal. Who would have guessed that Patriots fans and Packers fans would love the same pizza topping? The lovable fungi tops another popular topping choice for New England fans. Maybe winning all those Super Bowl Championships is fueled by the love of cheese.

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This list of favorite pizza toppings is just a small sampling of the NFL teams. From NYC to LA, every team and its fans has a popular pizza topping. What are you ordering for this week’s big game? Share you comments below or tag us in a picture using #FoodSided.