The Clean Slate Café offers Whole30 meals and they’re free!


Looking to try Whole30 meals? Applegate Farms is launching the pop-up restaurant, The Clean Slate Café to entice people to try this way of eating.

Whole30 meals have been a huge healthy eating movement. The Clean Slate Café wants to introduce people to this way of eating. Starting on January 23, this pop-up restaurant will be offer “complimentary meal, snack, and drink options” that work with this way of eating. Who’s ready to grab a free meal and taste the difference?

If you are unfamiliar, the Whole30 way of eating “eliminates added sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol, and dairy for 30 days.” In today’s grab and go lifestyle, consumers want products that fit within the plan, yet are easy. That healthy eating resolve can be kicked to the curb when the only thing available is a sugar laden bag of cookies.

It is believed that this way of eating resets your body. By eliminating certain foods, a person’s body is intended to feel better. After the 30 days, each person can determine what foods she continues to avoid or other foods that are added back sporadically.

While this healthy eating philosophy is followed year round, many people use the New Year’s resolutions to try new lifestyles. Whether they are looking to eat better, feel better or be more active, a new way of eating can get them on that new track.

For this special pop-up restaurant, the menu items will feature “clean, simple ingredients from Applegate, Spindrift, Kettle & Fire, Primal Kitchen, CHOMPS and Vital Farms.” Applegate has a Whole30 approved products. This special event highlights the idea that better foods and meals can be easy and accessible.

The Clean Slate Café offers Whole30 meals, photo provided by Applegate

Although the complete menu wasn’t revealed, a few of the ideas seem quite approachable. One option is a Vital Farms eggs to create customized cauliflower rice or kale-based bowls. For those not in NYC, this meal idea sounds straightforward and totally doable at home.

Another recipe is Whole30 chili that uses APPLEGATE® No Sugar Bacon and Kettle & Fire’s Beef Bone Broth. This recipe could be perfect for the next football watching party.

The idea with this whole experience is clear. Consumers want and will demand more transparency in their food choices. Whether a person is following a specific eating plan or not, the idea that food should be better for you is universal. People want knowledge which allows them to make an effective choice for their lifestyle.

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To learn more about The Clean Slate Café or to reserve your spot, please visit

Have you tried Whole30 meals? What’s your best tip for someone who is considering this way of eating?