Top three diet trends for 2019, you might already be following them


Diet trends can help many people start the New Year off on the right foot. Will one of these options fit into your new routine?

The top three diet trends for the New Year could be a great fit for beyond that annual resolution. Are you ready to incorporate one of these lifestyle choices into your routine? It could be easier than you think?

In a recent survey by Today’s Dietician, the top three diet trends for 2019 are ketogenic, intermittent fasting and cleaning eating. While smart choices are key, many people choose certain diets specifically based on goals. As people look to improve their health, shape and overall well-being, they are willing to modify how and what they eat to achieve their goals.

For many people, ketogenic (or keto) has seen a boom in popularity. This way of eating is very low on carbs, but has an appeal to many people. Some people have experienced a reduction of belly fat on this type of diet. While this diet is quite regimented, it can be successful for those people who are willing to follow the plan.

A quick look at store shelves or a scan of television commercials show how the keto plans have taken over. Many meal plans are promoting the keto diet. While it does work for many people, it might not be the best choice for everyone. Each person must determine what eating plan works for their lifestyle.

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While diet trends can come and go, one aspect has continued to be important for all consumers. The idea of clean eating remains a priority for the majority of consumers. More and more companies are being more transparent with their labeling. Understanding ingredients as well as where food comes from are factors demanded by consumers.

These changes show a change in people’s perspectives about food. Food isn’t just an energy source. It is also a key component of everyone’s wellness. Good food can make people feel better, both physically and mentally. Without good food, wellness can’t be at its optimal level.

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Are you following one of the top three diet trends for 2019? Do you have a specific plan for better eating in the New Year?