Chef Thomas Boemer shares his Pimiento Cheese Fritters recipe for the Big Game


Chef Thomas Boemer, Taste of the NFL’s Chef Representative for the Minnesota Vikings, shares his Pimiento Cheese Fritters recipe for the Big Game.

Chef Thomas Boemer is getting ready for this year’s Big Game, Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta. As the Taste of the NFL’s Chef Representative for the Minnesota Vikings, the three-time James Beard nominee and co-owner of Twist Davis Group, Boemer recognizes that food is an integral part of this annual football experience.

As the chef/owner of several successful Minnesota restaurants, his cuisine offers his personal take on Southern favorites. From the full flavored barbecue to perfectly fried chicken, his interpretation of Southern cuisine is impeccable. While he might have been Alain Ducasse–trained, his nuanced approach to nose to tail barbecue and Southern favorites has foodies going back time and again.

With Super Bowl LIII quickly approaching, FoodSided is working with Taste of the NFL and their chef partners this season. Chef Thomas Boemer, as Taste of NFL’s Chef Representative for the Minnesota Vikings, is partnering with Taste of the NFL to raise awareness and funds via the season-long Kick Hunger Challenge.

In support of this endeavor and partnership, recently FoodSided chatted with Chef Boemer. Since Big Game recipes are often some of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the football watching day, I decided to ask some simple questions about this approach to the Big Game recipes.

Below is a transcript of that interview.

Cristine Struble: Do you have a favorite recipe that is always on your game day menu?

Thomas Boemer: My go-to game day food is my smoked dry rub wings! Pull them out of the smoker and toss in a little hot melted chicken fat and dry rub.

CS: Are there any foods that you should avoid on a game day menu?

TB: Avoid any fussy foods or dishes that take you away from the game. Keep it simple and plan ahead so you can increase your couch time and decrease your kitchen time.

CS: How important is using fresh, local foods in a particular recipe?

TB: Using fresh and local foods is always a great idea. Getting the perfect cut of meat for game day is guaranteed when you have a good relationship with your local butcher!

CS: Do you think that certain recipes could be good luck for a particular team (i.e. AFC vs NFC)?

TB: Throw in regional specialties to give an extra edge to your team.

CS: With Super Bowl LIII being in Atlanta, does that location influence the recipes that you want to serve on game day?

TB: For the big game in Atlanta, it’s time to fire up the Brunswick stew!

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While Chef Boemer does recommend Brunswick stew, he shared a delicious and flavorful recipe for the Big Game, Pimento Cheese Fritters.

Anyone who has spent time in the South knows that Pimento Cheese is a Southern favorite. Instead of a traditional sandwich, this recipe offers a pop-in your mouth version that will score with your Big Game guests.

Here’s how to make Thomas Boemer’s Pimento Cheese Fritters.

Thomas Boemer Pimiento Cheese Fritters recipe, photo provided by Taste of the NFL

"Pimento Cheese FrittersRecipe Courtesy of Chef Thomas Boemer(Three-time James Beard nominee, co-owner of Twist Davis Group and Chef Representative for the Minnesota Vikings)Ingredients• 3 lb. Sharp cheddar, grated• 2 ½ lb. White cheddar, grated• 1 tsp Salt• ½ tsp Onion powder• ½tsp Garlic powder• 1 tsp Paprika• 1 ½ cup Pimento diced• ¼ cup Hot sauce• 1 ½ lb. Cream cheese• 2 cups Mayonnaise• ¼ cup Pickle juice• 2 cups Flour (Approx.)• 5 Eggs• 4 cups+ Bread crumbs, unseasonedDirections:• Soften cream cheese and combine with mayonnaise, dry seasonings, hot sauce, pimentos, and pickle juice. Mix until fully incorporated. Add cheeses and mix together.• Using parchment paper, roll dough into cylinders and chill for six hours or overnight.• Cut into coins ¾ inch thick. Bread using standard breading procedure (first dredge in flour, then in whisked eggs, and finally in breadcrumbs).• Chill in freezer for approximately 30 minutes (until the cheese sets up) before frying in 375-degree oil.• Serve with pepper jelly and pickles."

Even for the novice cook, this recipe is relatively straightforward. Granted, the recipe does take a little preparation (the chilling time), but the results are totally worth the effort.

While Chef Boemer doesn’t recommend how to fry the fritters, I would recommend using a Dutch Oven. When I fry something, this style of pan works well for me. It allows the oil to retain its temperature and gives the food space to fry. No one wants greasy fritters.

This recipe and interview as made possible by Taste of the NFL and the chef partners. The initiative seeks to raise awareness and funds throughout the season via the Kick Hunger Challenge.

According to the program, “To date, the organization has raised and donated in excess of $26 million to food banks and nonprofit organizations in the 32 NFL cities, resulting in more than 220 million new meals for Americans in need. For every TNFL initiative, 100% of the proceeds generated goes directly back to local communities.”

To learn more about this program or to make a donation to your favorite team/city, please visit www.kickhungerchallenge.

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Thank you to Chef Thomas Boemer for providing this delicious recipe and to Taste of the NFL for facilitating this partnership.

Have you started to plan your Super Bowl LIII menu yet? Could these Pimento Cheese Fritters score with your guests?