Mr. Peanut finally gets his PLANTERS Super Bowl ad


Mr. Peanut is ready to take the big stage in Atlanta. Is the Super Bowl prepared to help him satisfy that salty, snack nut craving?

Mr. Peanut is ready for the biggest snacking event of the year. PLANTERS Super Bowl LIII ad will be airing during this year’s big game. While the iconic nut hasn’t aged a day, it is the first time in 103 years that this food icon will make a big game appearance. Will he be ready for the biggest snacking day of the year?

According to PLANTERS, this big game ad will feature Mr. Peanut in an engaging spot. The theme of this commercial will be “how far he’ll go to satisfy salty snack nut cravings during crunch time.” Given the two photos that the company provided, this snack icon seems to have scored a win.

Of course, only a few details are being released in this initial announcement. From other celebrity appearances to how he satisfies his cravings will unfold as the big game approaches. Still, the excitement over this commercial will continue to build.

Mr. Peanut finally gets his PLANTERS Super Bowl ad, photo provided by PLANTERS

Big game commercials and promotions sometimes make the plays on the gridiron seem lethargic and predictable. While no one wants an unexciting game, many people are anxiously awaiting the next commercial. Sometimes those moments are more talked about than the winning or game changing plays.

Seeing an iconic character take the big commercial stage could predict a trend in this year’s commercials. Snacking is inherent in today’s culture. Still, people want smart snacking choices for their particular lifestyle. From reducing carbs to adding protein, nuts are a popular snacking choice.

Additionally, another statement from this announcement is telling beyond the commercial itself. There is a reference to crunch time. Crunch, specifically in a snack, is satisfying. People want that textured bite. Could PLANTERS be implying something about a new type of snack mix?

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Don’t miss Mr. Peanut’s Super Bowl LIII debut during the game’s second quarter. More importantly, don’t forget to have a bowl of PLANTERS at the table to enjoy while watching the commercial.