New M&M’s flavors: Will Thai Coconut Peanut or English Toffee Peanut get your vote


New M&M’s flavors will be hitting store shelves. As fans vote on their favorite new flavor, which one of these three new limited edition flavors will win?

New M&M’s flavors could start a food debate. The new Flavors Vote campaign is releasing three limited edition flavors that could have some candy purists ready to raise a veto. Will these three new internationally inspired flavors take you on a flavor journey?

The three limited edition, new M&M’s flavors are Thai Coconut Peanut, English Toffee Peanut and Mexican Jalapeno Peanut. While the three flavors are internationally inspired, they are vastly different from each other. It seems doubtful that candy fans will like all three flavor options.

First, the flavors do have an international twist. As food trends have shown, international flavors are everywhere. Flavors previous considered exotic are now common place. Truthfully, these three flavor options aren’t totally out of the box.


If I had to choose one flavor to be the most unusual, it would be the Thai Coconut Peanut. This flavor is described as a sweet and savory combination. Coconut and peanut is a lovely flavor combination. Adding milk chocolate to the mix might be a home run. With the right flavor balance, the Thai Coconut Peanut could be the strong contender.

The Mexican Jalapeno Peanut isn’t necessarily a new idea. Several years ago, the spicy, sweet heat category was a huge market. While M&M’s is smart to include this option in its line, the concept isn’t innovative. Still, the mass appeal of M&M’s could bring the sweet heat concept to a wider audience.

With the English Toffee Peanut flavor, this option falls into the “why haven’t they already offered this flavor.” Such a classic combination would easily be a huge hit. English toffee flavor is always delightful. Even if fans don’t vote for this flavor, M&M’s should add this limited edition to the permanent flavor category.

The Flavor Vote starts on January 28. Votes can be cast at either or by texting Vote to 84444. Voting runs through May 17.

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Which of these new M&M’s flavors would get your vote? Should M&M’s offered some other international flavor inspired option?