Want easy Game Day recipes, Plated to the rescue


Easy Game Day recipes don’t have to be another pizza and bag of chips. Plated has created Game Day inspired meal kits that score with everyone.

Need easy Game Day recipes? Instead of searching Pinterest for hours or ordering another pizza, Plated has created Game Day inspired meal kits that deliver on flavor. While the final outcome of the Big Game can’t be predicted, these meal kits will definitely score a big win.

These Game Day meal kits handle all the hard meal prep for the home cook. With all the ingredients prepared ahead of time, the home cook can head into the last football game of the year unstressed. The only remaining concern will be if your team hoists the Lombardy trophy.

According to Plated, these special meal kits will be available from January 27 through February 2. There are four meals and one dessert on the curated menu.

Plated easy game day recipes, photo provided by Plated

The biggest advantage to these meal kits are the ease of preparation. Each recipe only takes an hour to make. With all the ingredients included, the home cook can focus on what is important, the commercials during the Big Game.

The recipes for this promotion are: Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Crispy Cauliflower Bites, Philly-Style Cheesesteaks and Hazelnut Marshmallow Squares.

Looking at these options, the most interesting choice is the Crispy Cauliflower Bites. Since many people are trying to eat healthy or prefer to have a specialized diet, this option has a broad appeal. More importantly, the flavors should be quite satisfying. Plus, this meal could mean that you can splurge on the scrumptious Hazelnut Marshmallow Squares.

Overall, all the recipes are classic Game Day recipes. Who doesn’t enjoy a cheesesteak while watching football? All the recipes have mass appeal to a variety of palates. It definitely will make any Big Game watching party a tasty event.

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Do you have an easy Game Day recipe? Could one of these recipes be on your menu?