The must have Big Game snack accessory, the Hunger Harness


What is the must have Big Game snack accessory? If you don’t have the Hunger Harness you might miss that game changing play.

A Big Game snack accessory can make watching the final NFL game of the year even better. No one wants to miss that big play (or bad call). More importantly, no one can miss all those hilarious commercials that everyone will be talking about on Monday morning. For these reasons, and many others, the Hunger Harness is the must have accessory for the Big Game.

While this idea might sound like a snacking dream or a Big Game prank, the Hunger Harness is real. The genius snacking device comes from the innovative people at Reynolds Wrap. Why try to balance plates, hold a cup and try not to spill all that delicious game day food? This innovative snack device is the perfect solution.

According to Reynolds Wrap, the Hunger Harness offers a thermal pouch that keeps hot food hot. There is an integrated food trays, which allows the wearer to be a human table. A thermal drink holder keeps your hands free. And, the insulated dip holder keeps snacks warm and fresh. Basically, it is the ultimate snacking device.
Of course, there are some devices that incorporate these types of snacking assistance. For example, there are plates with built in cup holders or cups with built in bowls. But, no other snack accessory offers all these accessories built into one item.

While this Big Game snack accessory seems too good to be true, it is available for purchase. All of this snacking greatness can be yours for just $4.99. Quantities are limited. At that cost, you could buy many of them. You could outfit the entire guest list for your Big Game party.

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