Want free Oikos Yogurt? Cheer for offense at the Super Bowl


Does free Oikos Yogurt sound delicious? Don’t cheer for the eventual winner of Super Bowl LII, instead pull for this big outcome.

Need another reason beside all the commercials to watch Super Bowl LIII? Would free Oikos yogurt entice you to cheer for the big touchdown, game changing run or clutch field goal? Oikos Yogurt is giving everyone a reason to want a high scoring game.

According to Oikos Yogurt, the Official Yogurt of the NFL, everyone could get free yogurt if the offensive strike at this year’s big game is huge. The brand has wagered, “if the Super Bowl teams combine for 1,000 offensive yards or more – that’s one-comma-Triple Zero- Danone North America will offers free cups of Oikos Triple Zero Nonfat Yogurt to fans.”

Did you know that in last year’s Super Bowl, the combined offense reached 1,000 offensive yards? That mark was the first time that that stat was achieved in the big game. Could the Rams and the Patriots reach that gigantic offensive number?

Free Oikos Yogurt promotion, photo provided by Oikos Yogurt

This free food promotion is a great way to get people interested in a high scoring game. While some people may not like the teams, don’t care who wins or just don’t like football, this promotion can get people actually interested in the game.

It is interesting that the promotion is for total offensive yards. High scoring games are generally more interesting to watch. Those defensive battles seem to just drag on and on.

As the Official Yogurt of the NFL, it is nice to see the brand finding an interesting way to bring the yogurt and the big game together. In this promotion, football, not just two teams, are the focus. Sometimes that final game of the season can be more than determining the ultimate champion.

If 1,000 total offensive yards are achieved during Super Bowl LIII, people can download a printable coupon from OikosYogurt.com/TripleZeroChallenge. The coupon can be downloaded from February 25 through March 4. The coupon “may be redeemed at participating retailers in 41 select states on Monday, March 4, 2019.”

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Who will you be cheering for during Super Bowl LIII? For many people, it will be the Triple Zero Challenge and free Oikos Yogurt.