Deconstructive chocolate cake: Chef Aaron Lawson reimagines the favorite dessert


Deconstructive chocolate cake can be a choose your own adventure chocolate cake experience. Chef Aaron Lawson at Brim House is the perfect example.

When the classic chocolate cake is transformed into a deconstructive chocolate cake, diners get excited. While chocolate cake, with its abundant amount of recipes, is always a popular dessert choice, foodies may want a new perspective on that traditional chocolate cake. Chef Aaron Lawson at Brim House in Toledo, Ohio excels at bringing an unexpected touch to the familiar.

Very few desserts are almost universally enjoyed. One of those desserts is chocolate cake. Whether it is the happy accident story of the lava cake or the multi-layered, whiskey infused chocolate cake, that traditional chocolate cake lends itself to transformation, inspiration and creativity.

One popular way of serving desserts is deconstructive. Many foodies enjoy this dessert approach because it allows the diner to decide, control and play with each dessert bite. From eating all the chocolate first to carefully constructing the perfect composed flavor balance, the diner is in control. It is almost as if the diner is playing with her food.

Chef Aaron Lawson’s deconstructive chocolate cake, photo provided by Brim House

At Brim House located inside the Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel, Chef Aaron Lawson takes the concept of a deconstructive chocolate cake to a new level. His approach to the menu as a whole, not just dessert, is to offer a casual take on fine dining. This New American cuisine takes the familiar and relatable in an unexpected direction. This particular version is a wonderful example.

This dessert is a definitely a creative approach to a chocolate cake. With surprising combination of flavors (balsamic hazelnuts), this dessert will have anyone rethinking chocolate cake. Whether eaten combined or separate, the flavors should push the palate without losing the essence of that idea of chocolate cake.

Additionally, one of the reasons why this desserts is the combination of textures. From luscious mousse to crisp brownie brittle that texture progression adds to the surprise and satisfaction. Each bite has you picking up the spoon until the plate is empty.

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If you want to try Chef Aaron Lawson’s deconstructive chocolate cake, make a reservation at Brim House located in the Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel. It is time to rethink the familiar.