Super flavor stacking: Pringles creates Super Bowl inspired flavor combinations


Ready for super flavor stacking? These Super Bowl inspired flavor combinations will have that sad device feeling even more left out of the flavor experience.

Are Super Bowl parties ready for super flavor stacking? With Pringles unique shape, they are perfect for the Pringles flavor stacking. For those unfamiliar, flavor stacking combines several Pringles flavors into a totally new flavor experience. After last year’s amusing Super Bowl commercial, Pringles is bring super flavor stacking to the big game fun.

Previously, Pringles released some special football flavor stacking combinations for the big game. Those flavors are Pringles Napkin Free Nachos, Pringles No Mess Chicken Wings and Pringles Delivery Free Pizza. Although there are over 318,000 flavor combinations, there are always a new combination that could be created. There is a Pringles stack for everyone, well almost everyone.

Check out the newest released clip from this year’s Pringles’ Super Bowl commercial.

While the sad smart device may not be able to join the tasty fun, Pringles has found a way to make flavor stacking a big part of Super Bowl LIII. Beyond the commercial, the flavor creators have devised two flavors representing the Rams and the Patriots.

Check out these super flavor stacking combinations especially for Super Bowl LIII.

Pringles Wicked Cheesy Stack: Flavors Required: Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeño, Sour Cream & Onion
Pringles LA’s Loaded Nacho Stack: Flavors Required: BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion

While there isn’t necessarily a “winner” between these two representative flavors, it would be fun to see which option is more popular with fans. In many cases, certain foods can predict which team will win the championship. Could these flavor stacking options predict the final outcome?

Although both flavor options sound quite tasty, the edge does seem to go to LA’s Loaded Nacho Stack. While it is a little curious that jalapeno isn’t included, who can resist nacho flavor? If you have some jalapeno Pringles, you could add that to make a spicy nacho.

To build some excitement for the big game and these special flavor stacks, Pringles will be offering Los Angeles and Boston area residents the chance to win their city’s themed flavor stacks via Fooji. For a chance to win, tweet @Pringles on January 31 and February 1.

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Are you ready to experiment with all the super flavor stacking combinations for the big game? What’s your most epic Pringles flavor combination?