Pringles Super Bowl LIII commercial: Do you dream of flavor stacking?


Pringles Super Bowl LIII commercial could have snack fans dreaming of flavor stacking. But is someone feeling left out of this flavor experience?

Pringles Super Bowl LIII commercial brings back the favorite flavor snacking concept. In the recently released preview clips, someone is feeling a little left out of this favorite food experience. Will your Big Game party include some creative Pringles flavor stacking?

For Pringles fans, there is nothing more fun than flavor stacking. This concept takes multiple Pringles flavors and turns the tasting experience into a whole different realm. Whether it is something simple jalapeño pizza (pizza and jalapeño) or something extremely creative, this idea allows everyone to have a little fun with their food.

According to Pringles, there are 318,000 unique ‘Flavor Stacks.’ That number is outrageous. Truthfully, it would take a significant amount of time to try each and everyone one of those flavor options. Maybe for some people, it is the ultimate snacking goal.

For this year’s Pringles Super Bowl LIII commercial, one person is feeling a little left out of the flavor stacking experience. While our connected homes feel like a member of the family, those devices can’t enjoy some of life’s best pleasures.

This commercial plays into everyone’s daily lives. The idea of the connected home is a reality. From a smart device to a smart oven, everything has a connection. Even though these items are integral to people’s lives, they do miss out on a few simple pleasures, like Pringles flavor stacking.

As people start preparing for their Big Game parties, Pringles could be the crowd pleasing snack on the menu. With hundreds of thousands of flavor stacking combinations, the host could turn snack time into the ultimate food contest. Could you make the next great stacked flavor?

To give food fans a little flavor staking inspiration, Pringles has provided the following flavor combos for game day.

  • Pringles Napkin Free Nachos: Flavors Required: Jalapeño, Original, Cheddar & Sour Cream
  • Pringles No Mess Chicken Wings: Flavors Required: BBQ, Buffalo Ranch, Ranch
  • Pringles Delivery Free Pizza: Flavors Required: Pizza, BBQ, Cheddar Cheese

Personally, I would recommend a mash-up of parts of these flavor stacking suggestions. I would take the Pringles No Mess Chicken Wings and add jalapeno because spice is always important on a chicken wing. The jalapeño flavor is delicious in almost any flavor combination.

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Are you excited to see the Pringles Super Bowl LIII commercial? More importantly, what’s the best flavor stacking combination that you have created?