Super Bowl commercials: Best food commercials that made you watch


Who cared about the football game when Super Bowl commercials were so entertaining? These food commercials were FoodSided’s favorites.

While some people tuned in to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots, the Super Bowl commercials were a big draw for many watchers. From snacks to beer, food was everywhere. Some commercials made us laugh while others made us cringe. These Super Bowl commercials were FoodSided’s favorites.

Danny Devito To Star In M&M’S® Super Bowl LII Commercial (PRNewsfoto/Mars, Incorporated)

M&Ms and Danny Devito: Now we can’t eat red M&Ms anymore

Van Halen might have banned brown M&Ms in their concert rider, now we can’t eat red M&Ms. Sure, the commercial was a little disturbing to have Red turn into Danny Devito. Yes, Red is still short and bald. But, can you look at a bowl of M&Ms the same after this commercial? We can’t. Not sure what will happen to a favorite Valentine’s Day candy now.

Avocados from Mexico: Don’t fear no chips for the avocados

Avocados from Mexico wanted everyone to know that avocados are more than just guacamole. Sure, watching people freak out that there’s no chips is amusing. Who hasn’t freaked out when wi-fi is down? While avocados weren’t exactly the focal point of the ad, people probably will remember snippets of it. Even if they don’t, who didn’t have avocados, in some fashion, at their Super Bowl party?

New Diet Coke flavors: photo provided by Diet Coke/BusinessWire

New Diet Coke: Awkward, too awkward

Diet Coke wanted to rebrand its image. With new flavors and can design, the rebranding targeted millennials. This Diet Coke commercial was a little too awkward. Who doesn’t have a friend who dances poorly? Still, if this commercial was supposed to make me want to buy a new Diet Coke, I think that I will have to pass.

Pringles flavor stacking: Unexpected amusement

Good chuckles all around for Pringles first Super Bowl commercial. Flavor stacking is a definitely a Pringles invention. Combining different Pringles flavors to create a new flavor is entertaining. Bill Hader made the spot funny. This commercial was one that no one talked about but should have.

Doritos Blaze/MTN Dew Ice Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by PepsiCo

Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice: Spit Fire epic lip sync battle

Combine Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman and a lip sync battle in a commercial and it was a definitely winner. Who doesn’t love a good lip sync battle? Add to that scenario Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman and everyone was quiet with attention. Sure, the new Doritos Blaze are yummy, but the commercial was definitely #SpitFire.

Bud Light: Where’s the pit of misery Bud Knight

Over the football season, Bud Light has excelled with the Bud Light Dilly Dilly and Pit of Misery. Unfortunately, this two part Bud Light commercial was disappointing. We were hoping some football players were sent to the pit of misery. Anyone look at the Bud Light Knight and see Boba Fett raising He-Man’s sword?

Pepsi Generations Super Bowl campaign, photo provided by Pepsi Communications

Pepsi Generations: Nostalgia delivers

The lead in to the underwhelming Justin Timberlake half time show reminded everyone why people enjoy Pepsi generation after generation. Showing that iconic pop culture moments can stand the test of time makes the lackluster commercials seem even more boring. Too bad Jimmy Fallon didn’t join JT on stage. Maybe some funny moments could have provided an interesting interlude to all the dancing.

Budweiser water: Heartwarming moment

During a crisis, some companies know that help is more important than bottom line. When Budweiser converted its production line to water during the hurricanes last year, it showed that people, not dollars, come first. This commercial reminded everyone that companies and their employees can do the right thing in times of crisis.

This Is Us Crock Pot Is Innocent

This Is Us fans have been distraught over the faulty Crock Pot which apparently caused a horrible fire. As we discussed, this possibility isn’t every likely. But, NBC didn’t need to create a Crock Pot PSA on the subject. It’s a television show. Everyone needs to take a step away from the remote.

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These Super Bowl commercials about food were our favorites. What about your favorites? Share your comments below or tag us on social media using #FoodSided.