Flavor stacking: How many flavor combinations can Pringles create?


Are you ready to give your taste buds a knockout? Flavor stacking a bunch of Pringles can create some sensational flavor combinations.

Pringles are a classic snack. Popping open that can of crispy snacks is quite satisfying. While some people can’t just stop at one, the crunchy snack has been a fan favorite. Over the years, Pringles has created some bold flavors, but why should Pringles fans stop there? Flavor stacking can open fans to bold flavor combinations.

One reason people enjoy snacks is because a snack satisfies a craving. The satisfying crunch cannot be quenched by some other means. Even if you have amazing will power, sometimes you just have to give in to the craving.

While some people seek one particular flavor, the idea of flavor stacking makes that snacking moment more enjoyable. No longer is it just a guilty pleasure. Rather, the whole snacking experience is a fun event. Maybe, it could keep the craving at bay a little longer too.

Flavor stacking: How many flavor combinations can Pringles create?, photo from PRNewswire

Pringles wants its snacking fans to have more fun with its product. Instead of playing with the containers or doing blind taste tests, the idea of creating a mega-flavor by combining Pringles is really fun. Playing with your food isn’t frowned upon anymore. While not every flavor combination works well, a few combinations can be quite compelling.

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To kick off the flavor stacking idea, Pringles partnered with Adam Richman, food traveler and TV personality. While no one is expecting a Man vs. Food challenge with these snacks, a few fun flavor experiments have been tested. Here are a few flavor stacking combinations that Pringles and Adam Richman suggest.

"Adam’s Richman’s Flavor Stacks:• Party Dip Stack: Favors Required: French Onion Dip, Original, Sour Cream & Onion• Triple “S” Stack: Flavors Required: Screamin’ Dill Pickle, Salt & Vinegar, Honey Mustard• Spaghetti & Red Sauce Stack: Flavors Required: Pizza, LOUD Super Cheesy Italian, LOUD Mighty Margherita Pizza• Wing Night Stack: Flavors Required: Buffalo Ranch, BBQ, Ranch• Potatoes Au Gratin Stack: Flavors Required: Loaded Baked Potato, Cheddar & Sour Cream, Cheddar Cheese• Quesadilla Stack: Flavors Required: Fiery Chili Lime, Spicy Queso, Salsa Fiesta• Carolina BBQ Stack: Flavors Required: Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeño, BBQ"

This list is just a few options of flavor stacking. Since Pringles has 29 flavors, the combination possibilities are huge. Of course, some flavor combinations would be just wrong, like Pizza and Dill Pickle. Many other flavor combinations could be fun.

While I haven’t gone out, bought and tried all the flavor combinations, I would combine Top Ramen with Jalapeno or Fiery Chili Lime, Cheeseburger with Jalapeno and Memphis BBQ, and Loud Salsa Fiesta with Loaded Baked Potato. My flavor stacking combinations may not be to your liking, but the whole experiment is part of the fun.

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