Could the This Is Us exploding slow cooker really happen in your home?


The internet was buzzing about the This Is Us exploding slow cooker. But, could this situation really happen in your house?

Slow cookers are a staples in most homes. Even with people gravitating to the new InstaPot, a slow cooker is still a weeknight go-to for easy meals. In this week’s This Is Us, an exploding slow cooker is potentially the cause of a favorite character’s death. Is this scenario good fictional television or is it based in reality?

Since a slow cooker is an electric device, an electric spark could cause it to explode or catch fire. Any electric device can have an electrical problem. But, the possibility of this scenario happening is not overly likely.
Today, every device, kitchen gadget and kitchen tool goes through extensive testing. All type of scenarios are explored and tested. Of course, anything can happen.

Usually, if a problem is reported, or suspected, the manufacturer issues a product recall. Several produce recalls have been issued over the years. A quick search of the Consumer Product Safety Commission shows multiple product recalls for slow cookers, pressure cookers and other small kitchen appliances.

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So, should you throw out your slow cooker because of a plot line on your favorite television show? The simple answer is no. The likelihood of your slow cooker having problem is small.

Still that isn’t to say every consumer should be diligent. For example, if your cord is frayed, don’t use the slow cooker. If the slow cooker gets too hot, don’t use it. Common sense should influence the use of any small kitchen appliance.

Whether using a slow cooker, the stove or even a knife, everyone needs to use common sense in the kitchen. No one is immune to cutting herself with a sharp knife or burning herself with a hot pan. Think back to those simple rules that everyone learned as a kid. Safety first is always important, even for experienced cooks.

Should the exploding slow cooker episode of This Is Us cause you to get rid of your slow cooker? No it shouldn’t. But, if you need an excuse to upgrade to an Instapot, it might be an option.