Do you deserve more? Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad says yes


Do you deserve more? As the Super Bowl commercials are previewed, Avocados from Mexico implores avocado fans to want more.

Over the years, Avocados from Mexico have had successful Super Bowl ad campaigns. Before these campaigns, many people had overlooked the superfood. Sure, people love guacamole and chips. But, an avocado is so much more. In this year’s Super Bowl campaign, Avocados from Mexico believes that everyone deserves more avocados.

Recently, the ad teaser was released. Here’s a clip.

The idea of people deserving more is an interesting choice. While the commercial might be a little tongue and cheek, using avocados in many ways is a great reminder. Of course, guacamole or plain avocado slices are delicious, but the fruit (yes avocado is a fruit) can be so much more.

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While many people know about avocados having good fat, an avocado is a great fiber source. According to Avocados from Mexico website, a “medium avocado offers 3 grams of fiber” and it is a good source of potassium. For example, some runners will eat half an avocado before a race instead of banana. The combination of potassium and good fat is a good choice for active people.

One of the bigger trends with using avocado is in desserts. Avocado enhanced desserts can be quite delicious. In some cases, no one would even know that avocados are part of the dessert. The avocado adds a richness to the dessert without making it highly caloric. As a substitute for other fats, the avocado is a good choice.

A quick search of recipe sites shows that avocados can be used in brownies. While the brownie isn’t green, these type of brownies have a richness without becoming too dense. It is definitely an ingredient swap to try.

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While some people may not be able to experiment with the avocado baking trend, other popular trends are widely accepted. The avocado toast trend is everywhere. A simple idea, the breakfast, brunch or lunch can be quite delicious and filling. The crunch from the bread and the richness from the avocado is a winning combination. Plus, avocado toast is extremely easy for anyone to make.

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With Super Bowl commercials ready to air, take a moment to ponder the Avocados from Mexico message. Sure, dig into that bowl of guacamole and chips while the big game is on television. On Monday, take those extra avocados and do something more with them. After all, don’t we all deserve a little more?