Free Buffalo Wild Wings encourages everyone to cheer for outcome


Don’t have a favorite team in the big game? The possibility of free Buffalo Wild Wings could have everyone cheering for this outcome.

Would the possibility of free Buffalo Wild Wings have you pay greater attention to Sunday’s big game? If you don’t care about dynasties, why a team changed hometowns or wished that the referees actually made calls, there is a reason for you to actually pay attention to more than the commercials on Sunday. If the big game goes into overtime, you could get some free food.

Buffalo Wild Wings is betting on its overtime button. The brand has long touted the idea of its overtime button. While overtime can be a great football game, it also means more wings and time with friends. After this season’s record number of overtime games, the restaurant brand is hoping for another epic overtime battle. And, who wouldn’t want to get free wings thanks to more football?

If the Super Bowl LIII goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings will give our free snack-sized wings on February 18 from 4-7 p.m. local time. The free wings will be available for dine-in orders only and will be limited to one free order per customer. Still, free wings are  always a good idea.

Pat McAfee, Gaming Consultant, Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings

To get people even more excited about this free wings promotion, Buffalo Wild Wings has enlisted the help of All-Pro punter, retired NFL player, Pat McAfee. While the brand’s gaming consultant loves football, his favorite team isn’t in the big game. Now, he’s routing for the best outcome for everyone, overtime and free wings.

McAfee said “I enjoy a full Sunday of games with some good food and drinks.” While he is the ultimate gaming consultant, a few friendly wagers can make watching football even more entertaining. With this overtime bet, everyone wins, regardless of the team lifting the trophy at the end of the night.

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Will you be watching the game on Sunday? Are you routing for a team or free Buffalo Wild Wings with a season ending overtime game?