Raise a glass of The Capital, Dr. Phillips Center Hamilton specialty cocktail


Heading to see Hamilton at Dr. Phillips Center? Don’t miss your shot at raising a glass of The Capital, a specialty cocktail for this musical run.

A specialty cocktail is a perfect way to get into the excitement for Hamilton. Dr. Phillips Center, located in Orlando, Florida, is hosting the Hamilton tour through February 10. While excitement has been building regarding this Broadway musical tour stop, everyone is looking to find a little “Hamilton” inspiration. Although many people can’t take the stage, everyone can toast the story with this cocktail, The Capital.

Recently, Dr. Phillips Center is making the theater experience even more enjoyable for guests. The theater’s executive chef has rolled out numerous new menu items that entice theater goers with elevated bites. From scrumptious truffle popcorn to the tempting charcuterie plate, these bites make the evening of theater a little more special.

Additionally, Dr. Phillips Center has started a trend over recent Broadway tour runs. The bars, located throughout the theater, often create a specialty themed cocktail. The cocktail, usually referencing the current production, is a fun way to kick off an entertaining night of theater. For example, during the run of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, the cocktail was a peppermint martini, a perfect pairing to the classic holiday musical.

For the Hamilton run, Dr. Phillips Center has created The Capital. This cocktail consists of: Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Velvet Falernum, Cocchi Americano, Oceanspray Sour Mix, and Orange Blossom Honey. According to Alice Smetheram, manager, public relations of Dr. Phillips Center, “this drink and its name was inspired by the battle between Hamilton and Jefferson over the location of the US Capital during Act 2. Rough Rider is a Whiskey out of Baiting Hallow, New York, just outside of New York City (which was the original capital of the US from 1785 to 1790).”

This cocktail is not only perfect for Hamilton, it is also a lovely nod to Orlando. Honey plays a big role in the Orlando dining world. Orlando’s signature dish features local honey.

When it comes to crafting a prefect cocktail, the flavors must balance. In this cocktail, the sweetness and floral notes from the honey play off the acidic notes from the sour mix and the bitter from the Cocchi Americano.

Most interesting in this cocktail is the use of Velvet Falernum. Falernum has a slightly spiced, yet citrus flavor. It is often used to flavor Caribbean cocktails. This ingredient is a lovely nod to Hamilton’s Caribbean heritage.

For anyone seeing Hamilton at Dr. Phillips Center, don’t miss the opportunity to try The Capital. Also, remember the Hamilton lottery is available at every performance. For information and to enter the Hamilton lottery, please visit http://hamiltonmusical.com/app.

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Don’t miss your shot at sipping this specialty cocktail, The Capital at Dr. Phillips Center.