Ready for victory in a can? Check out new MTN DEW Amp Game Fuel commercials


Victory in a can? The new MTN DEW Game Fuel commercials show that gamers will be drawn to this drink for gaming domination.

The first MTN Dew Game Fuel commercials have been released. These commercials will surely entice you to try this epic new MTN DEW beverage. One sip and you will be hooked.

Have you tried the new MTN DEW Game Fuel? In these new commercials, the tag line victory in a can seems to encapsulate the concept of this beverage. As the MTN DEW line made for and by gamers, this beverage is set to elevate the gamer to her next level. But is it even more?

Gamers have specific needs when they are trying to slay the dragon, roll over the competition or just level up. They need to be alert, responsive and on their game. MTN Dew Game Fuel was created by and for games.

New MTN DEW Game Fuel Commercials, photo provided by MTN DEW

The beverage is a vitamin-charged, caffeine-boosted formula. Additionally, it includes ingredients that are intended to improve accuracy and alertness. While all the drink science is important, the drink tastes great. Available in four flavors, each one is totally delicious.

If you haven’t tried the MTN DEW Game Fuel yet, I would highly recommend the Charged Berry Blast. This flavor has just the right amount of sweetness and a flavor that makes it quite drinkable.

While I may not be the biggest gamer, I do appreciate two of the special aspects to this MTN DEW beverage. First, the can has a special no-slip grip. Who hasn’t gone to grab a can and have it slip through your fingers? This added texture is so smart and should be put on all cans.

Probably the biggest innovation for MTN DEW Game Fuel is the re-sealable lid. Why haven’t beverage companies used this idea before? No one wants to spill a can. More importantly, sometimes I don’t finish a drink in just one sitting. Again, the re-sealable lid should be on every can.

After launching earlier this month, the brand has just released two new commercials. Check out this one for “Losers Tears.”

With the release of the new MTN DEW Game Fuel commercials really capture the “feel” of this brand. Who doesn’t want win sauce? By the same token, wouldn’t you want to enjoy a can of loser tears?

This beverage line is definitely appealing to its audience. From the drink’s inception to these new commercials, it is enticing gamers to be that dominate player. Victory is within their grasp. Why shouldn’t this MTN DEW drink help fuel that game dominance?

Although this beverage is targeted at gamers, it is a tasty beverage for everyone. I might not be glued to my controller, but I do want to dominate my day. I’ve grabbed a can before heading out the door for a long night ahead and I slayed it.

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Have you tried the new MTN DEW Game Fuel? What do you think of these new MTN DEW Game Fuel commercials? More importantly, are you ready to taste some loser tears?