Could you recreate this epic snack stadium for your Super Bowl party?


An epic snack stadium could make your Super Bowl party legendary. Could your version be as impressive as this over the top snack creation?

A snack stadium has become the over the top food choice for many Super Bowl parties. This method of displaying all the delicious food seems to captivate football and food fans. It makes people feel like they are “playing” with their food.

While there are all types of snack stadiums that have been made, this new one is rather extreme. With a nod to both the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, there is at least one food that will make everyone at the party smile. More importantly, everyone will have plenty of food to eat.

For the Rams fans, the stadium includes Korean Taquitos, which is inspired by LA’s food scene. It is a great fusion style choice. For New England fans, the stadium as Boston Cream Cupcakes. Any party definitely needs at least one sweet treat. Other dishes include Everything Bagel Dogs and Prosciutto Pizza Rolls.

Epic snack stadium for Super Bowl Sunday, photo provided by Conagra Brands

In total, there are 14 dishes in this stadium. The food includes 96 sliders, 20 chicken wings, 18 taquitos, 15 cupcakes, 12 meatballs and all of the dip your heart desires. That food is intended to feed 15 people, but it probably could feed at least 25, or many more. 96 sliders is totally insane!

This structure did take a lot of effort to construct. Made from aluminum trays and lids, it looks like a real stadium. Also, it did take about eight hours to create. Of course, these people are professionals, so it could take a “normal” person a lot longer.

In truth, a home party probably wouldn’t be able to recreate this epic structure. Still, anyone can take some items from this food stadium into consideration for her big game party. Combining various foods, being inspired by the final two teams and including something sweet are all ideas that can be incorporated into any food spread.

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What do you think of this epic food stadium? More importantly, what are you serving for the big game?