Dairy free bagels? Breakfast is looking a little brighter


Dairy free bagels can make sticking to that healthy eating plan even easier. Who knew that the classic breakfast food could be diary free?

Dairy free bagels are a reality. In today’s healthy conscious world, more people are looking to eliminate different foods from their diets. While no sugar, no carbs, vegan and keto diets all have their place in the food world, diary free living is gaining in popularity.

As plant based diets become more popular, brands and restaurants are looking to highlight this way of eating. From offering food alternatives to highlighting existing menu options, consumers have more options on all many menus.

“Plant-based alternatives are becoming more popular because of the variety of their health benefits,” says Registered Dietitian Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN. “Not only is it important that guests have menu options from a dietary perspective, but also from a food allergy perspective.”

Whether you choose to eat dairy free or need to eat dairy free, Einstein Bros. Bagels offers numerous dairy free bagel options. Actually, 70% off the bagels on the restaurant’s menu are dairy free. Whether you like plain or everything, those bagels are part of the dairy free offerings.

Even though the bagels might be free from dairy, the shmear needed an overhaul. The restaurant now offers a dairy free, vegan friendly shmear. Being tested nationwide, this offering is in partnership with Daiya. Available through the end of February, it gives guests more menu options.

It will be curious to see if this shmear stays on the menu. More and more restaurants are adding plant based menu items. With the ever growing popularity of Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger, these food alternatives aren’t just for one lifestyle category. The flexitarian lifestyle wants, and sometimes demands, these food choices.

In addition to the shmear, Einstein Bros. Bagels will offer an almond milk latte. As part of the Caribou Coffee partnership inside the Einstein Bros. Bagels locations, this non-dairy milk option should get a enthusiastic response. Available in both hot and iced versions, this drink is something that guests will want.

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Did you know that dairy free bagels existed? Does this revelation make you want to visit Einstein Bros. Bagels for breakfast?