The secret to this great tasting guacamole recipe will surprise you


Looking for a great tasting guacamole recipe? This surprise secret ingredient will definitely have you wondering why you didn’t discover it earlier.

Do you have a great tasting guacamole recipe? Everyone seems to know the perfect way to make guacamole. As avocados become a staple at breakfast, lunch and dinner, guacamole recipes are becoming more diverse as well. Still, is there an easy, secret ingredient that could make your guacamole taste better than anyone else’s recipe?

Everyone has a different opinion on making a great guacamole. Some people like super chunky. Other people love tons of cilantro. Still, other people like unusual ingredients like roasted garlic or soy sauce. But, have you ever thought of using soda?

7-Up has created this great tasting guacamole recipe. The idea is really simple. With a little bit of 7-Up, lime, pico de gallo and seasonings, an easy and really tasty guacamole recipe comes together. Have you tried this recipe yet?

7Up Guacamole recipe, photo provided by 7Up

Truthfully, this idea is really smart. The lemon lime soda adds a little burst of sweet and tart to the guacamole. Also, the added liquid makes the consistency a little smoother. Overall, the flavor is bright, light and quite delicious.

Using soda in a recipe isn’t necessarily a new idea. Many sodas work amazing in all types of recipes. For example, Dr Pepper is a delicious ingredient in a chili. In this game day chili recipe, the reduced Dr Pepper makes a flavorful liquid to balance the bacon and sausage. While some people may not instantly recognize the flavor, it makes this chili recipe stand out in a crowd.

Finding new ways to use common pantry ingredients is always a good idea. No one wants all that extra soda to go to waste. Repurposing it into a recipe is easy. Beyond these recipes, 7-Up can be used in cakes, fajitas and even a roasted chicken. It is definitely time to start experimenting in the kitchen.

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Are you ready to try this great tasting guacamole recipe? Do you have a secret recipe using 7-Up or Dr Pepper that you want to share?