New Red Bull flavors bring the love with each flavorful sip


Have you seen the two new Red Bull flavors? Just in time for the romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations, the new flavors ask who will be the pear to your peach?

Will the two new Red Bull flavors tempt your palate? Just in time for those romantic celebrations, Red Bull is launching The Red Bull Peach Edition and The Red Bull Pear Edition Sugarfree. Could these two new beverages to be the perfect sipper for your next temping mocktail?

Red Bull has often used the tag line, it gives you wings. While the classic Red Bull flavor appeals to many, more consumers are looking for variety in the beverage. Peach and pear flavors are popping up all over the beverage aisle. It makes sense that Red Bull is expanding into this flavor direction.

According to the brand, the Red Bull Peach Edition combines peach and nectarine. This combination is quite interesting. The two fruit flavors are very similar and are sometimes interchangeable.
New Red Bull flavor, The Red Bull Peach Edition, photo provided by Red Bull
The difference between the two fruit flavors is the sweetness level. Nectarines are generally sweeter than peaches. The combination of these two fruit flavors should offer a sweet, but not overly sweet flavor.

Thinking about this beverage, it should make a lovely mocktail with a little muddled mint. The herbaceous notes of the mint can play off the sweetness. Also, a hint of basil could be equally as delightful.

The other new Red Bull flavor, The Red Bull Pear Edition Sugarfree offers a crisp, clean pear flavor. It should have some bright notes that awaken the palate.

For a mocktail with this beverage, it would be best to add a little something sweet to balance the crisp flavor. Even just a little orange blossom honey to sweeten the mocktail would be delightful.

The two new Red Bull flavors are hitting store shelves now. The beverages will be available at various retailers.

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Could one of these new Red Bull flavors become your new favorite? Who will be the pear to your peach?