Unicorn Magic Snack Packs are deliciously magical treats


Have you seen the new Unicorn Magic Snack Packs? These magical, colorful tasty treats can make any snack time even more special.

Unicorn Magic Snack Packs are hitting store shelves to the delight of colorful food fans. Over the past year, unicorn themed food has become extremely popular. From specialty cakes to colorful confections, the unicorn has taken over the food world. Now, the colorful pudding can make snack time even more magical.

The newest flavor of Snack Packs jumps on the unicorn food trend. With swirls of pinks and blues, this pudding cups definitely put the fun in snack time. Although “unicorn” isn’t necessarily a flavor, the classic pudding does have a relatively sweet flavor.

Since these shelf-stable pudding cups are popular with families, the new colorful Unicorn Magic will surely become a hit with the school lunch crowd. What little kid wouldn’t smile when she sees this treat in her lunch box?
Unicorn Magic Snack Packs, photo provided by Conagra
While kids always enjoy the “fun” factor, parents don’t want to neglect the nutritional aspects. Snack Pack is made with whole milk, which makes it a wholesome snack. Additionally, the pudding cups are gluten free. Overall, it is a win for both kids and parents.

Although Snack Pack is often enjoyed as a snack, the pudding cups have other uses as well. This colorful pudding could be used in all types of desserts. From a semi-homemade parfait to an ingredient in baking a cake, the options are many.

Specifically for a unicorn themed party, the Unicorn Magic Snack Packs could be used as a birthday dessert instead of cupcakes. The pudding could be the layers in between pieces of vanilla cake. The parfait could be topped with a “gold” cone or some glitter sprinkles. The guests could even create these unicorn desserts on their own.

The Unicorn Magic Snack Packs are available nationwide at various retailers. A package retails for approximately $2.79.

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Will Unicorn Magic Snack Packs find their way onto your next shopping list?