Ready to Stay Playful with OREO & Wiz Khalifa?


OREO has always been a playful cookie. In its new Stay Playful campaign with Wiz Khalifa, it is time to focus on having some fun.

Stay playful is a simple but powerful idea. While OREO has often been in the news for its creative limited edition flavors, at its core OREO has always had a sense of playfulness. From twisting to dunking, OREO is the cookie that encourages a little playing with your food.

Ahead of this year’s Grammy Awards, OREO released its new Stay Playful campaign featuring Wiz Khalifa and his son. In the campaign, Khalifa is seen playing with this son, Sebastian. These fun, playful, typical moments serve as the visual to the Khalifa’s original song, created specifically for OREO and this campaign.

While many people will be drawn to this campaign for the celebrity aspect, the message is universal. Playtime between a parent and a child is imperative. So often people are caught up in the overly busy world that the moment of “play” is forgotten. Those playful, everyday moments can be some of the most lasting memories.

By choosing the Stay Playful message, OREO finds a way to further endear this iconic brand to a broader audience. The symbolism in this commercial is universal. Being playful doesn’t have an age limit.

Over the years, food, in general, has lost a little of the “fun” aspect. While many people can remember the old saying, stop playing with your food, that sentiment might have gone a little too far. Of course, food is fuel for people’s lives, but having fun with food is essential to life’s enjoyment.

Cookies, like OREO, often bring a little smile on any day. Looking back and even today, a couple of cookies after school could make that poor test grade seem a little less harsh, that disappointment a little less dreary and that daily grind a little less overwhelming.

OREO Stay Playful campaign, photo provided by OREO

Although kids have a little more leeway with playing with their food, OREO is the cookie that allows everyone to have a little more fun with their treat. Whether you twist off the cookie and lick the cream center or dunk the OREO into a glass of milk, everyone is given permission to “play” with their food. It is part of the OREO eating experience.

As part of this Stay Playful campaign, the limited edition OREO Music Box makes a return. It looks like a old school record player, except the “record” is an OREO. This Music Box plays the original Wiz Khalifa song on an OREO cookie. A limited number of these music boxes will be given away on Grammy Sunday via

The new Stay Playful OREO campaign featuring Wiz Khalifa will debut during the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10.

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Are you ready to embrace the idea of Stay Playful? Finding a little playtime with friends, family and food could make life a little more fun.