OREO Most Stuf cookies encourages more cookie playfulness


Have you tried the new OREO Most Stuf? Can you handle the more cookie playfulness that each bite of this limited edition OREO offers?

Another new OREO has hit store shelves. The OREO Most Stuf gives some OREO fans even more of their favorite part of this cookie, the delicious, crème center. Can you handle this extra stuff?

OREO has been bringing various incarnations of its iconic cookie to store shelves. From seasonal offerings to mystery flavors, the OREO shelf in the cookie aisle keeps expanding. This newest flavor takes the Double Stuff and goes to extreme.

Called Most Stuf OREO cookie, the sweet treat is filled with the most cream ever. While only a limited edition cookie, fans could strongly voice their opinion for the cookie’s permanent status. One bite and cream fans will be hooked.

For many people, twisting the OREO cookies to unveil that “stuff” inside is the only way to enjoy an OREO. Of course, the debates will always rage on whether to twist, separate or dunk the cookie. No matter which way is your favorite, you cannot be convinced otherwise.

For cream fans, this cookie is the ultimate indulgence. It is as if multiple OREOS have been combined to make a gigantic “stuff” layer. While great just as a cookie, these treats would be great in ice cream and other desserts. Given its limited edition status, people might need to stock up on some packages before they disappear.

To celebrate the launch of the newest OREO, the brand is offering a 30-day sweepstakes on OREO.com. While a free prize is great, the prizes, themselves, are an OREO fan’s dream. The brand will offer some exclusive OREO items. From an OREO Jeep Wrangler to an OREO Xbox One, these items will be coveted by the OREO fans.

Regardless if you enter the special giveaway, the OREO Most Stuf is definitely a must try. There is no change to the classic flavor to confuse your taste buds. This cookie is just OREO supersized.

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Have you tried the new OREO Most Stuf? What do you think of the newest limited edition flavor?