Peeps Oreos: Why bringing them back was a big mistake


Peeps Oreos are back. As tempting as the trip to CVS to purchase them may be, you’d be better off not wasting your time with the strange sweets.

A few days ago, we discovered the sad truth that Peeps Oreos are making their disappointing return in 2018. A year after the limited-edition Easter treats arrived, we now find the latest iteration arriving on shelves — to the dismay of most.

I mean, did you try them back in 2017? Peeps Oreos are not good. They’re right up there with the Swedish Fish and Caramel Apple varieties of the ever-popular cookie brand as the worst flavors. Yet for some strange reason, the company decided it was in their (and the consumers’) best interests to bring back the unpleasantly pink cookies that remind me of shiny Pepto Bismol.

Well, despite the generally negative feedback I saw around the interwebs last year, the Peeps Oreos are back for Round 2.

As noted above, there was one significant change made to this year’s version. Instead of the golden cookies used last year, they’ve been replaced with their chocolate counterparts. While some might say that’s a welcomed change, I seriously don’t think it’s going to solve anything.

Now admittedly, I haven’t had them yet. They’ve exclusive to CVS, meaning it’s only convenient to get them if you have a prescription to pick up. After what I experienced when tasting the 2017 batch, though, I’d like to avoid putting myself through further torture.

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Even if there were improvements made on the creme and the chocolate somehow works better with the strange Peeps innards, it’ll still be one of the worst Oreo flavors ever conceived — and who knows what madness has been tossed around behind closed doors at the company HQ.

Not as skeptical as I am? Be my guest. Hit up your local CVS and see what the hype (or lack thereof) is all about. If you thoroughly enjoy them, please let me know — I’m an extremely picky eater, but I’d love to hear from someone with more dysfunctional taste buds than my own.

There will be a number of intriguing Oreo renditions hitting the shelves this year. Some of those include Chocolate Hazelnut (aka Nutella) and Spicy Hot Cinnamon, both of which are already out, as well as Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn and Piña Colada. With all of those potential winners either here or just around the corner, we could have done without a new version of Peeps Oreos.

It’s an unfortunate development, but life goes on. That is, if you survive the pink bowel movements that are allegedly a result of consuming these awkward cookies.