Donut bouquets and Dunkin’ I-dos celebrate the love of donuts


Ready to catch some donut bouquets for Valentine’s Day? For some sweet romantics, Dunkin’ wants to help you to say I-do.

Donut bouquets could be the perfect sweet treat for your Valentine. For those donut romantics, Dunkin’ is helping couples put a ring on it. This Saturday, in Las Vegas, Dunkin’ is helping donut devotees get married or renew their vows. Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without a donut bouquet.

While some brides throw their bouquet at the end of the evening, these donut fans may want to keep the sweet treat all for themselves. The custom made bouquets are filled with all types of donuts. Why have flowers when you can have a sweet treat?

Although this limited promotion is available in Las Vegas, it doesn’t prevent donut devotees from recreating their own donut bouquet for Valentine’s Day. A dozen of Dunkin’ donuts and MUNCHKINS are all you need to create this sweet symbol of love.

Even if your creation isn’t as perfect as these custom ones, it is the thought that counts. More importantly, this bouquet is meant to be eaten and enjoyed. A leaning or lopsided donut in a bouquet won’t alter its delicious taste.

Dunkin’ Valentine’s Day Donuts, photo provided by Dunkin’

If you aren’t a craft, creative type, don’t worry. Dunkin’ has a variety of Valentine’s Day inspired donuts available. From heart shaped filled donuts to classic frosted with Bling Sprinkles, there is at least one donut that will win over your special someone’s heart.

Additionally, Dunkin’ is going super indulgent for the romantic holiday. The Cookie Dough & Brownie Batter Double Filled Donut is the first time that the brand has featured two fillings. While it sounds like the ultimate brookie, this donut should come with a big glass of milk or black coffee. Truthfully, this donut sounds like a decadent dessert.

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Would you celebrate Valentine’s Day with donut bouquets and donuts? What is your favorite sweet treat to give your Valentine?