Will Pizza Hut’s National Pizza Day promotion surpass its Super Bowl successes?


Pizza Hut’s National Pizza Day promotion is here. After a hugely successful Super Bowl promotion, it is clear that everyone wanted the Hut.

Are you ready for Pizza Hut’s National Pizza Day promotion? The Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL had a hugely successful Super Bowl LIII event. From every angle, the pizza company overdelivered. From Atlanta’s official Hut Hut location to delivering pizza to hospitals for new moms, Pizza Hut is on a roll.

Looking back at the Super Bowl LIII, Pizza Hut found some amazing pizza stats. According to Pizza Hut, the following happened last Sunday.

"Pizza Hut sold enough pizza to cover more than 41,000 football fields and served up 10 million ounces of cheese.Peak ordering hour was 6pm ET, where customers ordered 5,000 pizzas a minute across the country.The largest Pizza Hut order placed during the game was for $5,134.09 in Kansas.Pizza Hut gameday sales broke records with the highest ever digital sales and transactions for the restaurant.Pizza Hut customers weren’t just ordering oven-hot pies, the restaurant also delivered almost 6 million wings on gameday."

While chicken wings are often the huge food for Super Bowl Sunday, it appears that pizza is a close second. With all these pizza orders, it is curious if people took the easy route to Super Bowl entertaining this year.

More importantly, how big of a party order is over $5,000 worth of pizza delivery? Let’s hope that order went to some really hungry people. It would be curious to know all the food that comprised that huge order.

While the Super Bowl might be over, pizza celebrations aren’t stopping. February 9 is National Pizza Day. To celebrate this food holiday, Pizza Hut is giving pizza fans more of what they want, pizza.

For the food holiday celebration, Pizza Hut has a limited time offer. Guests can get any large Pizza Hut pizza for just $10.99. Enter code THANKYOU at check out.

With this pizza deal, that $5,000 Super Bowl order could get over 463 large pizzas. Someone would need a lot of friends to eat all those pizzas.

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Will you be grabbing Pizza Hut’s National Pizza Day promotion? More importantly, what topping would you put on your large pizza?