Chocolate covered Strawberry Krispies Treats are the perfect I love you


Chocolate covered Strawberry Krispies Treats could make Valentine’s Day even sweeter. Will these sweet treats be the way to your heart?

A new treat will make hearts swoon. Chocolate covered Strawberry Krispies Treats are turning Valentine’s Day into the sweetness day. Whether celebrating with your friends, special someone or your family, these strawberry and chocolate treats will be a huge hit.

Announced early, Kellogg’s launched Strawberry Krispies cereal. It was the first new Rice Krispies flavor to be added in over 10 years. While many people would add sliced strawberries to their classic Rice Krispies bowl, this new flavor brought the strawberry flavor directly to the cereal itself.

Since pink and red color foods are always popular during Valentine’s Day, Kellogg’s thought that its new cereal could be the perfect sweet treat to celebrate the romantic occasion. Similar to the iconic Rice Krispies Treat, this version uses the new flavor to add a little spark for the holiday.

Chocolate covered Strawberry Krispies Treats photo provided by Kellogg’s

For people located in New York City, Kellogg’s NYC Café will be serving the new treats starting on February 11. While the treats will only be available while supplies last, these cute little sweet bites will definitely become an instant hit.

Since not everyone is located in New York City, the Valentine’s Day treats are simple to make at home. The full recipe is available to the Kellogg’s NYC Café website.

Looking at the recipe, a few tricks can be helpful when creating these treats. First, getting the strawberry shape doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember, these sweet treats are meant to be enjoyed, not artistic perfection.

Second, if you don’t have fondant, green candies will definitely work. Any green colored candy, preferably a strip candy, can be used as a stem. In a pinch, you could even use a little green candy melt to make a stem.

Lastly, the chocolate candy melts can be customized. If you prefer all dark chocolate, the recipe can be modified. The same can be said about white chocolate. The key to baking at home is making the flavors appeal to you.

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Have you tried the new Strawberry Rice Krispies? More importantly, will you be making some chocolate covered Strawberry Krispies Treats for Valentine’s Day?