Is Pepsi ok? Cardi B seems to think that this soda is Okurrr


Did you see Cardi B in Pepsi’s Super Bowl commercial? During the Grammy Awards, the newest spot goes from “is Pepsi ok?” to Okurrr.

Is Pepsi ok? That simple question is the focus of Pepsi’s new direction. With Cardi B adding her exuberant personality to the new Pepsi ad, debuting during the Grammy Awards, the ok turns into Okurrr.

For decades, the soda wars have raged. In many cases, people are loyal to a particular brand. From style to flavor, that brand resonates not just with their taste preference but also works within their lifestyle. With this latest Pepsi campaign, the brand looks to capture a feeling that goes across demographics.

Check out the new Cardi B Pepsi ad that will debut during the Grammy Awards.

Instead of being a point of separation, the Pepsi becomes part of the inclusiveness. Sure, the diners can’t roll their “r’s” in the beginning, but they all come together for their enjoyment of Pepsi. Young, old, male and female, all can enjoy the same soda.

Even more curious, the tag line for this promotion is “Is Pepsi ok.” What starts off as a waitress recommending a substitute turns into being more than ok. People are tied of just the same, status quo or boring. Whether it is Cardi B and her way of expressing of Okurr or everyone wanting to join the fun, people want more.

Pepsi is trying to get at the heart the feeling of drinking the soda. At the end of the commercial, the guy excitedly drinks his Pepsi (forgetting about that other soda). He is energized, happy and part of the party. In the end, everyone who is drinking that Pepsi feels more than just ok.

Granted having a popular celebrity endorse a drink helps with the brand’s exposure. Of course, there will be many people grabbing a Pepsi because Cardi B is drinking it. Instead of new flavors or limited edition promotions, it takes a current vibe and capitalizes on it.

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What do you think of the Is Pepsi Ok campaign? Are you ok with Cardi B and Okurr?