A new Coke flavor is coming and it only took a decade


Do fans want a new Coke flavor? Coca-Cola announced that a new Coke flavor will hit store shelves later this month. But, will you want this new flavor?

A new Coke flavor will be hitting store shelves. While Diet Coke added new flavors and packaging somewhat recently and Coke Zero Sugar rebranded as well, Coke hasn’t added a new flavor in over a decade. With this new addition, Coke looks to capture a broader audience.

The new Coke flavor is Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar. After much testing, including a limited release in Canada, this flavor was chosen. While vanilla has been part of the Coke flavors, the addition of orange combined with vanilla is new.

An orange vanilla flavor seems rather sweet. It seems similar to a creamsicle. Given current food trends, this flavor is a little unexpected.

Overall, flavor trends have been moving toward more tropical fruits. From mango to even dragon fruit, the traditional fruit flavors are finding a backseat to the traditional orange, cherry and strawberry.

Previously, Coke only came in two flavors, cherry and vanilla. While this new Coke flavor builds on the vanilla, the orange combination is a little different. Although creamsicle is a popular frozen treat and flavor, it isn’t necessarily a year-round favorite. Still, the new flavor option could bring new Coke drinkers into the soda aisle.

While Diet Coke expanded its flavors combinations last year, the only way to get various Coke combinations is in a Freestyle machine. This new flavor combination keeps sodas from becoming expected. Variety is always important to keep the brand fresh.

The additional flavor could show that people are still wanting sodas. While water and non-calorie sparkling beverages have seen a surge, soda will never be completely displaced. Even though people are usually loyal to a specific brand, they are willing to explore flavors within that brand.

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The new Coke flavor, Orange Vanilla, should be on store shelves later this month. Will you be searching for this new soda?