New Diet Coke flavors: What’s wrong with classic Diet Coke?


Diet Coke just announced a new look and new flavors. Sure, evolution is great, but what’s wrong with a classic Diet Coke?

That iconic silver and red can is getting a makeover. Yes, that classic Diet Coke will look different. While the taste remains the same, the new design might have fans do a double take. Why the change? Apparently the iconic brand is experiencing an evolution.

According to the brand, the design change is reflective of the times. People want a more sleek design. But, the design style isn’t the only change happening. Several new flavors are being launched.

The new Diet Coke flavors include Diet Coke Ginger Lime, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange and Diet Coke Twisted Mango. While these flavors might seem a little unusual to the fans of the classics, the hybrid flavors aren’t too extreme.

New Diet Coke flavors: photo provided by Diet Coke/BusinessWire

In all honesty, Coca-Cola abroad incorporates many of these flavors across the globe. Anyone who has visited the Coca-Cola experience at Epcot or Disney Springs can attest that international Coca-Cola is a totally different experience. With fruit flavors and spices are used in those international flavors. Why shouldn’t the U.S. market adapt these flavors too?

U.S. consumers are more willing to go beyond their food comfort zone. Exotic spices are more common and accepted by the average consumer. Adding mango to a popular beverage isn’t completely out of the box.

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Truthfully, the lime and cherry versions of this beverage aren’t necessarily new. Those flavor combinations have been on store shelves for a while. Granted, the fruit forward flavors aren’t as popular as the original, there is a market for them.

This relaunch isn’t the only re-branding that Coca-Cola has recently done. Last year, Coke Zero rebranded to Coke Zero Sugar. With that change, both the packaging and flavor was updated. Overall, that change was a success with fans. Coca-Cola is hoping that this year’s relaunch will be as successful.

Do you think that this relaunch will be successful? Are you ready to try the new Diet Coke flavors?