New Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar features new flavor and packaging


A favorite calorie free beverage is getting a makeover. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the new Coke Zero, features improved flavors and packaging.

Coca-Cola is an iconic brand. From the classic original flavor to the other flavor incarnations, everyone instantly knows the font, coloring and brand. Even as the company launches new campaigns, like names on bottles, the brand tries to stay true to its image. With the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the new Coke Zero seeks to give fans an improved experience.

Launching this August, this Coke product offers a zero calorie beverage while still maintaining the classic Coke flavor. Some people, like myself, do not particularly care for Diet Coke. While I know that a low-calorie beverage may be a better diet choice, I would prefer a different drink. Coke Zero gave me the Coke flavor that I craved without the added calories.

New Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Zero-Sugar, photo from BusinessWire

According to a company press release, this new formula was tested over a year. The new formulation has the Coke flavor that people crave, but the sugar has been removed. While this beverage has consumer testing stamp of approval, fans will have to weigh in on it.

Consumer trends show that people seek low or no calorie beverages. Every day people are bombarded with industry news or health news on sugar intake, total calories and lifestyle choices. Many cities are trying to tax sugar drinks. Even though people understand that better choices can have a healthy lifestyle impact, those low or no calorie beverages need to taste good.

A prime example is water. Year after year, studies and reports encourage everyone to drink more water. Regardless of the recommended daily water intake, many people find plain, regular water boring. To drink all the water, people find ways to enhance the flavor. People purchase infused water bottles or calorie free flavor enhancers. All these products are aimed at encouraging drinking more water. If a beverage tastes better, than more people will want to drink it.

In addition to the flavor change, Coke has changed the product packaging for this beverage. Incorporating the classic Coke colors and font, the new bottles are more identifiable as a Coke product. Additionally, the sugar-free statement is clearly visible. The product design change is part of Coke’s “One Brand” strategy.

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Since the latest version of a sugar free Coke product hasn’t hit my store shelves yet, I will have to wait on my flavor judgments. Will I try this latest version? Of course, I will. I’m always up for trying something new.