Impossible Burger is taking over hamburger menus across the US


Have you tried the Impossible Burger? If you haven’t tried this newest craze, it might be coming to a restaurant near you.

For many people, a big juicy burger is an ultimate indulgence. The perfectly cooked meat. The cheese melted just enough. The first bite that oozes juicy goodness down your chin. But not everyone can eat a typical hamburger. The Impossible Burger has filled that void.

If you are unfamiliar, the Impossible Burger is a plant based burger that looks and tastes just like a regular hamburger. Impossible Foods would never real how this burger is made or the exact recipe. One ingredient, unique to this burger, is heme. According to Impossible Foods, “heme is a basic building block of life on Earth.” It makes meat “taste gloriously meaty.”

When this burger was first introduced to market, people could not believe how much a plant based burger tasted like a real hamburger. One of the biggest factors was that it was so juicy. Many plant-based burgers tasted more like cardboard than a burger. The product was dry, bland and boring.

The biggest selling point for this burger was that it bleeds. While the word “bleeds” may not sound appealing, this aspect was a big selling point. People didn’t feel deprived when eating this plant-based product. The burger was good for them and they enjoyed eating it.

With the huge boost in popularity, Impossible Burger is infiltrating restaurants all across the United States. From big name restaurants like Momofuku to Umami Burger. Every day there seems to be another restaurant expansion. The company projects that its product will make its way to around 1,000 restaurants by the end of the year.

As the company expands, more people, not just vegans, will be seeking out the meatless burger. For some, the Impossible Burger won’t completely replace their over-the-top, traditional hamburger. But, it could make you feel less guilty about the beer and fries that you eat with it.

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