Are McCafe Donut Sticks making McDonald’s a bigger breakfast player?


Just announced, McCafe Donut Sticks are coming to McDonald’s. Could this donut offering change your morning coffee routine?

McCafe Donut Sticks sound quite enticing. This newest McDonald’s menu item could be changing the iconic fast food restaurant’s approach to breakfast. The sweet, donut breakfast is departure from that classic Egg McMuffin. Could this change your morning routine?

According to McDonald’s, the new Donut Sticks are freshly made throughout the morning. While it is unclear how these donuts are cooked, they are “never microwaved.” The donut is “sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for a crunchy outside and soft, doughy inside.” The donut sticks are served warm.

This new menu offering was tested in Illinois last year. After testing and consideration, this version was deemed the best option for a nationwide rollout. Although McDonald’s is recommending this breakfast be paired with its McCafe coffee, it can be enjoyed with any beverage. For kids, a hot chocolate or even milk pairing would be quite tasty.

This new McDonald’s menu item seems to follow some recent food trends. Other breakfast focused brands have rolled out donut fries and other fried dough offerings. Even as people are sugar and carb conscious, they enjoy a sweet treat on occasion.

While this menu item is called a “donut stick” the description is somewhat similar to a churro. A churro is fried dough, with a crunchy outside, soft center and often covered with cinnamon sugar. In truth, most fried doughs are similar.

Churros have seen a surge in popularity. Beyond the various flavored theme park versions, many restaurants are serving elevated versions. Additionally, the breakfast aisle is filled with churro flavored foods. From cereal, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to mini muffins, like Entenmann’s Little Bites, churros and breakfast are going hand in hand.

Offering this sweet breakfast item is smart for McDonald’s. In addition to people who just want a sweet breakfast food, it could be a menu add on for the breakfast sandwich purchaser. Could a combo of McMuffin and donut sticks be coming? Not everyone likes hash browns.

The new McCafe Donut Sticks will hit McDonald’s locations nationwide on February 20. Some locations might be offering a special Valentine’s Day offer, but guests should check with their local franchise.

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Will you be trying McCafe Donut Sticks? Should McDonald’s make this food a permanent menu item?