Panera offers the Double Bread Bowl for a limited time


What can make Panera soup more enjoyable? The Double Bread Bowl is back and everyone is ready to dig into this edible bowl.

The Double Bread Bowl is back at Panera. While sharing a meal can be a nice gesture, sharing the same bowl is real love. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Panera brings back this double edible bowl. Could this be your perfect Panera Date?

For many people, a bread bowl is the best way to enjoy soup. The warm soup soaks into the crusty bread. As each spoonful brings you closer to the bottom, you know that a tasty bread bite will culminate the meal. Sure, you can dip the top into the soup or tear a piece from the edge, but the soup soaked bottom is the ultimate glory.

While some people enjoy sharing food, this Double Bread Bowl takes some true companionship. Although some people might want to trade spoons, this new Panera offering isn’t limited to just couples. Truthfully, it could be a singleton’s perfect meal.

Panera’s Double Bread Bowl, photo provided by Panera

Panera has a wide array of soups. From the new Ten Vegetable to its creamy Broccoli Cheddar, choosing one soup can be quite difficult. Sure, there is a soup and salad combo on the menu, but where is the soup and soup combo? With the new bread bowl option, you can have your double soup.

While some of Panera’s soups do change daily in stores, Panera states that there are 91 different combinations in total. With this special menu item available from February 14 through February 28, guests will have to order this item often to tackle all 91 combinations.

The nationwide limited time launch of the double bread bowl was in response to overwhelmingly positive comments from a limited launch. It seems that a lot of Panera fans want more bread with their soup. Who can blame them? The Panera bread has a crunchy crust and a soft interior. It could make people forget that anti-carb diet.

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Don’t miss your chance to try Panera’s Double Bread Bowl. Share it with a friend or enjoy it on your own, just order it before it is gone.