Ruffles brings a charitable twist to the NBA All Star Celebrity Game


Ruffles, the Official Chip of the NBA, makes this year’s NBA All Star Celebrity Game even more special with an added charitable aspect to sinking that epic shot.

Ruffles have more than ridges. The Official Chip of the NBA is bringing a new charitable aspect to this year’s NBA All Star Celebrity Game. Since all the players in this year’s game have tremendous talent, these basketball stars are looking to make some waves this year. In this case, they want these talented players to hit from the waves, the 4-point mark.

On the court, there will be “The Ridge.” This special 4 point line is set to look like the iconic ridges that have made Ruffles famous. According to the brand, “Ruffles will donate $4,000 for every shot made from the line to foster environments of inclusion in sports in partnership with the Special Olympics, up to $40,000.”

During big sporting events, brands look for ways to bring awareness to their name. From commercials to promotions, the options are many. In this case, the idea is beyond just increasing awareness about a particular potato chip.

The decision to donate a significant sum to Special Olympics can drive people to choose this ridged potato chip over other options. Sure, one chip could be more cost effective, but people are willing to spend more when they resonate with a brand. Seeing this charitable action can make a difference.

A quick survey of the potato chip aisle can be overwhelming. Even in the ridged category, there are various options. Brands need to find a way to set themselves apart. This promotion accomplishes that goal.

Looking specifically at the charitable aspect, donating to an organization that fosters inclusion is commendable. In today’s volatile world, everyone could use a little more inclusion. Whether it is sports, food or life, finding the commonality needs to become a priority.

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If you are watching this year’s NBA All Star Celebrity Game, don’t necessarily cheer for one team or one player. Cheer for “The Ridge” and every shot made from that line. It has an added benefit long after this NBA ends.